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I feel like the AP is kind of light on named NPCs for the party to interact with as they go from giant camp to giant camp and traverse the mountains. Does anyone have any ideas for making the world seem a bit less empty? I want to give my players more people to care about so that its more personal than just protecting the nameless masses.

While I have not read the Giantslayer AP, I have an idea from my Kingmaker outline which can be inserted into any wilderness setting easily.

How about a Dwarven Ranger, "Batman" type of NPC. Maybe he's a scout from a nearby outpost addressing the concern of heightened Giant activity in the region.
He could be a recurring character when the PCs are in a tight spot.

For me this would have been secretly the Numesti daughter from Fort Drelev In Kingmaker book 4 iirc. She was mostly going to be first encountered hunting bandits of the Stag Lord in book 1 of Kingmaker (a little foreshadowing for later as she might have been unmasked later). It's loosely based on the Flight of the Red Raven old paizo module.

Yeah I made more NPCs for Trunau but I’m not sure where to add more NPCs later in the AP.

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