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Hey Guys, One of the things i have found really interesting in the past adventures has been the opportunity to create and hand props to the players. Weather it is Coloured Key Cards from Iron Gods, or the Medals of Valor from Wrath of the Righteous.

I have been looking at Giant Slayers and am stumped about what I should give my players, SO far, only pretty maps have come to mind.

Did you come up with any other ideas?

Hope Knives are a fairly obvious option, if they're from Trunau.

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A geode, might not be able to have a geode map,but two geode halves might be amusing.

I stopped by a rock shop in Seaside, OR and told the guy why I was looking for a geode. I didn't find a geode I wanted, but found a petrified mud piece that worked and he said "if you're using it for a craft like that I'll give you a discount!"

I told him I'd pay full price, but he insisted. It's worth it to chat with the workers in specialty shops. Not only do you sometimes get a hookup on price, but they may know the perfect solution for you.

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