Changing the Loot without breaking SoD


So the loot by the AP isnt exactly super fitting for my party. Just got past the first part of book 3 and it's just becoming more and more obvious that the loot is favoring very strongly a single party member.

I've got a Dwarven Cleric [hes fine. Hes better than fine. Never been more fine]

A Halfling Opportunist, giants sure do use a lot of daggers and light armor yep sure.

A Dervish Dancing Magus [I can't even throw metamagic rods at him cuz he needs a free hand.]

A Nat Attack Half Orc Barbarian [he also doesnt need much tbh. Hes just there to party.]

And a Half Orc archer ranger who will never replace her hornbow after the cleric slapped giantsbane on it.

Does anyone have ideas for items that my party would actually use that might be found in the possession of giants? Thus far theyve been getting along alright by just using the loot they get as basically scrap and having the Cleric do enchanting stuff on the gear theyve had since level 1.

I changed all the loot and made a ton of scaling magic items for my players.

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