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I am deciding on an AP to buy, and right now I think Giantslayer is going to be it. I have one question though I want to run an AP that has a base of operations town that I can build in 3D but don't want to waste time if its showing up only in 1 module. Does Trunau feature throughout giantslayer or at least in a good chunk of the series?

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Trunau is really only present for the 1st book of the AP. Although seeing the battles there in 3D would be very cool and add a lot of flavor.

I think for a re-occurring town that Rise of the Runelords could be best as Sandpoint appears in 2-3 sections.

There are 2 APs set nearly entirely in the same city if size doesn't matter.... Council of Thieves and the new one, Hell's Rebels.

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From a modeling stand point. You more often then not will not have combat in the same place more then one time. With that Rise of the Runelords dose use sandpoint as a base of operations. Trunau is centrally located for the AP. So it turned in to default base of operations. You can use Counsel of Thieves however their is no set base of operations unless your players come up with one. I built a base of operations for the CT game. However it's not written in the story line. I don't know about Hell's Rebels.

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Thanks Seannoss and calgagnar, Sandpoint was my first thought but I'm not sure that Runelords is right for my group, so I', going to go with Giantslayer and Council of Thieves is definitely not. After some reading I think the area is pretty interesting in general for future games so I'm going to go ahead with it. First up I'm going to do a topographical map of Belkzen. Hopefully Trunau is destroyed at some point in the AP lol.

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If you're doing larger 3D maps, then maybe do all of the Mindspin Mountians and not Belkzen. The mountain range has a full map in the map pack. Could be more useful as 75% or so of the campaign takes place there.

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Cool, will do, was just picking a few things on line so I will grab that, Can't wait for the pawn pack.

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