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Our GM is intending to run Giantslayer, and several members have expressed interest in builds which give large (at level 7+) mounts and/or animal companions. Are large companions a viable choice for this AP, or will terrain/enclosed spaces/etc. make this impractical?

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If you know what a Chessex mega-mat is, then when I tell you several of the areas fit on two of them, you have your answer.

I'm GMing Giantslayer and we're about to start part 3 of book 2. I have a Cavalier with a horse mount currently and my Ranger is planning to ride a large wolf at 7. To echo taks, having looked ahead, it's not going to be an iss,ue but if your players can acquire those large companions before 7 (like my Cavalier did) then you will have some areas where it'll be tighter.

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Most of book 3 is on 10' grids, taking up a full mega-mat for even simple maps.

I misspoke above - I meant mondo-mat. The map I'm currently drawing is 106"×84", I think. I have to lay it out on my over-sized 8' pool table to draw, and I still haven't figured out how we're going to play it. Maybe on the garage floor...

I literally bought a giant whiteboard for the dungeons in Giantslayer. You'll be fine.

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We're doing this part on the floor, using a billiard bridge to move pawns/figs around.

If I should ever run this campaign again I'm going to build a scale model of the fort, because if I ever run it again it'll be win I'm incredibly rich and retired.

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I like it. However, if I ever run it again, book 1 is getting a major overhaul. The rest, so far, has been great, except for the amount of work it has taken to draw the maps. :)

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