The Sons, (and Daughters), of Elder Halgra


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Thanks to this & this & reading the opening scenario for the first adventure in this AP (I promise I put the book on the shelf after & won't touch it 'til we're done Captain Tripps).
A previously undeclared fondness for Classic Westerns got me thinking about the idea of an 'All Halgra's kids' party for Giantslayer. That was about as far as I got, particularly as that Movie plot doesn't bear any resemblance to the first adventure in Giantslayer.
But I still like the idea.

So if you were to play an 'All Halgra's kids' party, how would you do it?

Note, thanks to the Adopted Social trait, just about any race could be considered for one of her 'kids', not just Humans, 1/2 Elves & 1/2 Orcs.

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That's a great idea, and I wish I'd thought of it before outlining to my players the part-homebrew campaign set in Trunau.

I'm glad it wasn't just me that immediately got a Western vibe off this adventure.

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I actually had a thought about using one of Halgra's kids...


I'm incorporating elements from different sources in my Giantslayer campaign, one being "Daughters of Fury". I decided to replace General Karrguk with a qlippoth-blighted half-orc version of Kelseph that's one of the Chief Defender's brood. I decided to make her sort of an anti-Halgra, more ranger (or in this case, hunter) than barbarian, more archer than melee combatant, and, as a blighted-one, the sin she's attuned to is wrath. She's filled with immense resentment at having been abandoned by her mother, enough that she jumped at the chance to aid Grenseldek in her plan to raid Trunau just for an opportunity to confront her. I liken Kelseph to being my Magua, from "Last of the Mohicans". When they emerge from Uskroth's Tomb, they'll learn from the Trunauans that though the invaders were repelled, the Chief Defender was killed in an ambush by a hideous-looking female orc accompanied by a black warcat, described in similar fashion as Boromir's last stand in "Fellowship of the Ring" against the Uruk-Hai, only instead of capturing hobbits, Kelseph will have taken Ruby, her half-sister. I'm hoping that the bond developing between Halgra and one of my players will lead to a moment where she'll swear vengeance on the killer to motivate the group further in the next chapter of the AP.

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