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1st day into the area resulted in my near death by a Cyclops that could fire blasts of magical force from it's one single eye, striking me twice with it within Seconds [OOC: Surprise AND Combat Round].

Thankfully the little training I gave to my quickly growing friend the Half-Giant. He was able to tend to my wounds and use my wand of Cure Light Wounds to bring me around after it was dealt with. I Fear the giants in this area might all such powers as such I have not been as lean as I normally am with my use of the Fireball Spell against a 'pair' of drunken brothers of sort, Ettin is what my friend the Half-Giant called them.

However as day met nightfall,our group met with tragedy, we followed a blood like trail in the water to it's source and fought with some Peryton's (taste quite good actually with a little work and mothers secret recipes for Sauces) The creatures gave us quite the fight but thankfully kept a tight group in the air for another and last use for the day of Fireball.

I ended up using a new spell of mine called "Secure Shelter" made a wonderful Cottage. But Tragedy, hit us during the night, Despite being in an area that our recent addition, the halfling, said seemed to hold little traffic. We ended up being attacked during the night by a Hill Giant. My cottage took quite the pounding, and my friend the Half-Giant was taken after being what I assumed was killed, before I could do anything (well other than turn invisible), our newest member took flight (literally) and was attacked by a Rift Drake, I managed to send the creature away with a fear spell but like my friend the half-giant it seems he was killed as well and taken for food.

At the moment as I write this, It is now me and the Halfling that are left to our group we intend to send word back to the keep where we removed the Female Hill giant since we have set up what we had hoped to turn into a Kingdom of our own (well my friend the Half-Giant did, I just thought it might be nice not to live in a hut that was constantly falling about my shoulders or looking over my shoulder to see if any of my family had found me.)

As of now, we are trying to form a plan of action since we cannot give chase to the Rift Drake (and live, which is highly important) but will have to give chase after the Hill giant that took my friend since the Halfling seems sure that he isn't nor was he dead, just unconscious. However with just the two of us I am not certain it is a wise idea, I might be able to sneak in with my use magic and the halfling seems unnaturally good at stealth and finding doors that always seem to be unlocked. However go on is what must be done, we have heard the rumors of a Forge of the giants that will be used. But I certainly wish the magical gear we had all found at the giant slayers burial wasn't cursed to attack all giants, while it might be a major curse to others. With us having the help of a Half-giant It was not helpful, but now what we are without him, it pains me to say that it would be most useful now.

Hopefully my journal I shall have another tale for next time, but for now. Let this journal entry be my first, and hopefully not my last.

Loki Stormbringer

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