Book 1 / 2 Loot Modification Ideas (Possible Spoilers)


So this is going to by my first time running an adventure path. I chose this one because: 1, I'm already pretty familiar with it because Glass Cannon, 2, The Battle of Bloodmarch Hill, and 3, it seemed like a pretty good "classical fantasy" with lots of Orcs and Giants and Dragons and stuff... I've run PFS modules before.
Anyhow, after going through the first two books in detail, I've noticed a pretty large disparity in what kind of loot is available for my party makeup in the first book.


Dwarven Warpriest of Torag - Obviously the selection is well optimized for this adventure (though he is not a well optimized character). He's going to get SET UP at the end of Book 1. When he chose dwarven warpiest, I encouraged him to select Torag specifically so the Hammer doesn't go to waste (I did not give him this reason, specifically).

Hobgoblin Ranger - My most experienced player. Also the least likely to care if he gets something cool.

Human Swashbuckler - Player has done a decent amount of low level playing. This will be her first "fightery" type.

Kitsune Sorcerer - This is her first tabletop game.

Goblin Alchemist - This is his first tabletop game.


Warpriest: I don't have to do much of anything for him. He's won the lottery.

Ranger: Considering giving him a bit of a history with Rodrik and having Kurst give him a mwk composite bow that belonged to Rodrik after the funeral. With the exception of maybe some medium armor, there's nothing super exciting for a ranger to get. Other things I considered: Silver Nocking Point (pretty expensive, but a fairly mild bonus that's cool but won't break anything early game), Efficient Quiver (kind of on the pricey side, unless you consider what the Dwarf is getting). Not sure what would be good low-level Archery items.

Swashbuckler: The word "Rapier" doesn't even appear in the first 2 APs. The shield cloak is pretty cool and will probably go this way, but I was considering throwing in a mwk rapier of an interesting material (maybe mithral)? Maybe they find it in the battle. Maybe Sara is grateful for the save during the battle?

Goblin Alchemist: Actually there's some pretty cool alchemist loot from Skreed, and some fun consumables that'll probably go his way. Not much in the way of small size gear though. I thought about throwing a Boro Bead or a Preserving Flask in with Skreed (or possibly even Melira... maybe Skreed gave her an extract... I'll have to check if he has infusion).

Sorcerer: There really isn't much of anything. Since this is her first game and Sorcerer isn't exactly the funnest low level class, I definitely want to throw in something here. I was thinking a Mnemonic Vestment, even though it's on the pricey side as it would give her quite a bit of versatility and variety, or maybe a Cloak of the Hedge Wizard. There's not much "inexpensive" for a Sorcerer that adds a lot of cool factor.

- Does anyone have any comments/criticism/suggestions?
- If I add things like this, should I replace other loot? Maybe dole this out in lieu of some cash?

I want to keep the challenge. One of the things I like about listening to Glass Cannon is how the party often seems to just BARELY be making it by. But I also want everyone to find at least one thing that's kind of "special."

Rod of a +1 Metamagic is inexpensive and useful for any caster. Lingering is the most obvious effect on a +1 and while very cool for a blaster (which I'm going to assume a new player's sorcerer is if not stated otherwise). While Lesser Extend is fantastic at low levels, it's not immediately flashy and the Warpriest might take it instead (most of a Warpriest's spell selection make good use of it, but relatively few Cleric spells are even eligible for Lingering). You can pair this with an item that lets another party member move enemies to encourage co-operation (+1 Driving Longbow is hardly low level, but could appear in loot eventually. I'm sure there's someway to let a swashbuckler move foes.).

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