Check out my new Obsidian Portal Giantslayer Page



Let me know what you guys things and if there is anything I should be adding to it.

By the way Joey, I'm probably going to pirate your scaling magic items for my campaign.

Cool if you want examples of them I have a ton done

Cool! There's obviously the dwarf tomb later, but I intend to turn the troglodyte cave ruins into another crypt that would have some dwarven or giant scaling item. There will be a dwarven settlement rescue that will open their secret chamber vault to gift some items as well.

If you have some to share, or just more that are posted on Obsidian, then I'll say a big thank you for their use so I don't have to create them myself. But I'm getting really ahead of myself! Urgoth's tomb first!

There won’t be posted on there till they are seen by my heroes and we are starting book 2 next week.
But I have a PDFs for the first two books
The vault of thorns is full of great items in mine

I still read this page. Good job keeping it up!

I haven’t posted in a long time on the adventure summaries. I’m thinking of putting up some smaller game summaries

Nice work.

An all Dwarf party for GS is something I've long pondered trying, I'll be reading up on how it's going for you.

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It’s fun

With the extra team work feat makes it a little difficult but tactically they stick together for their feats to work so aoes are fun to launch at them. Plus 4 dodge bonus can be problematic I have two players at 8th level over 30 AC vs giants regularly

Very fancy. Well done sir.

Keep it up Joey! I still check back time and again to see if you've added more to it

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