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What is the purpose of the heightened quality of the enlarge person and to what level was it heightened? Are we to assume it's been heightened to 9th level? Although there are a few instances I could imagine using it offensively, they wouldn't be worth the value poured into it here. It just seems to be a waste of 8 levels of metamagic, assuming it's even heightened to 9th level which remains unclear. I've only read the first part of the AP, and I thought the heightened might matter later but I would like to know so I can plan to change it if it's of mild consequence.

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The primary reason is that it's an artifact, with a high CL, and even a 1st level spell should be more powerful when cast from an artifact.

The second reason is that the enlarge person effect is the "other side of the coin" on Agrimmosh's critical-based reduce person effect. If it was left at 1st level, the save DC vs. reduce person would be DC 11, effectively making that ability useless against the most likely foe being targeted, i.e., giants. Heightening reduce person gives us a higher save DC (and longer duration), and the heightened enlarge person is the other side of the save coin.

Both are heightened to 9th level; it's not actually spelled out because the only thing the spell level really affects are save DCs, which are given in the item;s description. Almost everything else goes off of caster level.

Thank you for getting back to me on that Rob.

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