Advice Needed: Replacement Adventure for Book Five


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Can anyone recommend a suitable adventure to replace book five? As others have commented here, it looks like it will feel repetitive after storming so many giant strongholds. It also looks like of all the strongholds it is the most monolithic in its enemies (I think I counted 72 fire giants), and it doesn't have a cool tactic/trick like the other strongholds.

My ideal adventure (I understand this likely doesn't exist, but I'm prepared to adapt my expectations or adapt an adventure)...

1. Uses the Pathfinder 1E system - or failing that is 3.5 or 3.0; although I'm prepared to work with PF2 or other D&D systems.
2. Is of a similar level challenge to book 5.
3. Involves defending Jaggerhoff, the dwarven Sky Citadel near the Mindspin Mountains, from Giants. Two of my players are dwarves so I think that would go over well. Plus a tactical adventure where you plan out defenses could be a nice change of pace while also fitting the theme. It might actually improve the adventure by showing the giants aren't totally on their heels and put an urgency to the whole Adventure Path.

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Spoilers here.....

You can use Book 5 of the Shattered Star AP " Into the Nightmare Rift".
1) it has a band of Fire Giants in it. I'd replace the other Hill giants with more Fire Giants though of appropriate CRs.
2) Change Guiltspur to a long forgotten Dwarven sky citadel lost to the ages. Maybe back then a rogue Dwarven mage was experimenting with foul magic that led to opening a gate to leng? Who's to say the Demi-Lich wasn't the same Dwarven mage?
Your Dwarven players would likely be famous for finding/cleansing it and returning it to their people.
They could also defend it from Fire Giant reinforcements until a Janderhoff contingent of soldiers arrives to fortify it if you want to play out such a battle.

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