"Dwarven Delve Giant Slayer" or "The Redrocks go to Trunau"


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[This is 100% player perspective from our campaign start. I do not know what is custom content and what might be a smidge spoilerific(?)]
We are three sessions into our new GS campaign. All five players have opted to play Dwarves of the same clan. I am playing the eldest (by minutes) of my identical triplet siblings. We are joined by our first and last born brothers. Our Aunt, who served as the blacksmith in Trunau, passed away recently and we've traveled as a clan to settle her affairs.
Our clan:
Malakai Redrock - Stonelord (Paladin)
Ulbricht Redrock - Cleric
Hemattin Redrock - Wizard
Horadaric Redrock - Scoundrel (Rogue)
Hrafnarr Redrock - Hippy (Monk)
Our method:
Our GM is 2,636.2 miles away from us players, so we've purchased a 50" 1080p LED that will live flat on the table as our electronic game table. The GM will deploy D20Pro and control the battle-map remotely. We will be placing actual miniatures on the LED (with some kind of clear plastic sheet over the screen). A local webcam will feed the video of the LED game back to the GM and he will be able to make adjustments in real time. We are (finally!) meeting weekly to play, so I expect that we'll be burnin' through it a lot faster than APs we've run in the past.

I might get around to periodic updates.

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Our Dwarven Delve is sent in a darker, grimmer, and grittier version of Golarion. Where Trunau is overtly racist, class ridden, and divided. Where Jim Crow is in effect for those with "tainted" blood despite their heroic efforts and self-sacrifice. Where bigotry, prejudice, pride and jealousy is palpable and real -- and where rape and abortion are pressing ills and social issues which everybody fears and nobody talks about above a whisper - but which entangles all, just the same.

It's also the place where some people fight back against this entrenched order, where they still believe in love, honour and justice. A place that they would rather believe in a better world despite the evidence; where they would rather live on their knees and hope that mercy and deliverance exists somewhere, somehow than slit the throats of their own children and call it bravery.

It's the no frikkin Gnomes, no hopping bunnies and no Sunny Days and Blue Skies version of the Giantslayer AP. :)

Liberty's Edge

On the plus side of things, our Gianstlayer session last night featured the introduction of our 60" Bravia Electronic Battlemat.

The game is played primarily in the SF Bay Area and the GM is remote to the game over Skype, with battlemat feedback in real time over Twitch.

The battlemat is controlled/revealed through the use of d20Pro, although the game is otherwise played normally by rolling physical dice and announcing results in the ordinary way.

What do the maps looks like on the electronic battlemat? Pretty sweet. Here is one of the attack in Event #2 by the Young Diseased wolves within Trunau.

Attack in Trunau

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