The Ghost Light Lantern and The Vault of Thorns (Spoilers)


So I have been thinking about using The Vault of Thorns as a place for the PCs to rest during The Battle Of Bloodmarch Hill with a Standing Stone at the Hopespring that Silvermane has been watching since before the Rise of the Town. The Vault of Thorns could be accessed from this point and the time there would travel at a much more rapid rate. 8 hours in the Vault = 5 Minutes real world. Then the Will o Wisp would go out and they would have to seek a new one leading to book 2.
So if i put some more of these Standing stones through out the Belkzin would that be that damaging to the game?
So it would help with giving them time to craft in between adventure which i think is a good thing since between book 5 and 6 they have like 5 minutes to get ready. (so no high level shopping trip before the culmination of the AP) and once they could teleport away they could Port to a stone to heal and get back into the adventure quickly (they would need teleport which by then they could do similar things with mansions and other high level spells.)
Should I do this? or No and if I do should I add more stones like one per adventure to make things easier and to connect the adventures areas more?
You can only return to the stone you came from you cant move to other stones. Or Maybe you can only travel to stones you have personal physical knowledge of.

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