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Does the ability of Nargrym’s steel hand allow a character to use larger weapon's in both hands or only the Steel Hand?

I realize based on the example from the description that if you are using a two handed weapon it works fine, but I have a PC wanting to use 2 separate weapons.

To me the hand would only help with the weapon it is holding, but the wording is not clear.


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That sounds like a choice that will be up to you, I'm sure the rules won't help.

I think it comes down to a perception of rules vs realism in a way. It makes logical sense if the hand itself has to be involved with the wielding of large weapons. However I think that every ability via feats, abilities and archetypes that use over-sized weapons doesn't distinguish between one and two handedness.

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The intent was it that the hand allows a character to use a single larger weapon - either a one-handed or two-handed weapon. If your magical artifact hand is already holding a larger weapon, it can't help your other (non-magical artifact) hand wield another oversized weapon.

Thank you for the clarification Rob, that was the way I was leaning already but the confirmation is nice to have.

I'm playing a human Titan Fighter archetype in Giantslayer. I already wield a Large weapon because of my archetype. Lo and behold we found Nargrym's Steel Hand and the impression the GM gave was that my medium size character would now be able to wield a Huge weapon. Hell yeah, bing bang boom. Just want a separate confirmation. Yay? Nay?

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Nargrym's ability specifically says "one size larger than the wielder's size," not "one size larger than the wielder can already wield." Titan fighter has similar language referencing his size.

I think this has been discussed elsewhere.

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