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Is anyone running or playing in a converted to 2E Giantslayer campaign? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and struggles as I am considering one myself.

I feel like the first 2 books would be real easy to convert. The haunts in book 2 might require some different thinking.

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We decided against Giantslayer. I just feel the story is pretty weak in comparison to other APs and would require A LOT of customizing. Now, I’m not against customizing, but one of the reasons for running an AP is to have a solid framework to tweak. If I’m going to make the changes I feel Giantslayer needs, I might as well run a wholly free-form campaign. We decided on Hell’s Rebels instead. While I plan to make some monster changes, especially in places where there are a lot of repetition, the story looks very solid. YMMV

OH, I can agree to that.

Hence why I've merged Giantslayer into Irongfang Invasion, actually. Both campaigns start the same way; everyone is in their little town, feeling good, and then a fight/war breaks out. Both are kind of frontier-esque areas. Both have some things I REALLY want to see happen, and some stuff that I really don't want to do. As that I like writing the re-work, it's been a fun venture for me to get exactly what I want out of both of them.

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Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that. Since I am already running a 2E conversion of Ironfang, maybe I can steal some story from Giantslayer. Thanks for the idea

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