Tactics vs frost giant campsite.


Ok. So we arrived to the frost giant camp. After a fly over it, in best form, we got a every good panoramic view of it, to make out plans. We found the red lady too. We know there is a tannery, a blacksmith, some mammoths in a stable, an ice statue, a "viking hall", a cript, some drakes, some winterwolves, a mine, etc.

We are a part of 3, with a goliath druid, a pretty dumb and naive aasimar paladin, and a bestmaster ranger. We also have a batallion (literal, 100+) dwarves that came here because the paladin is dumb, and are mostly raising the alarm and making noise, without providing any help
Stealth is not really an option, even without the dumb dwarves, because the aasimar is a Tin Man, with the standard -7 score to Stealth.

So I need clever ideas to overcome this.
My ideas so far:
Fog cloud and sleet storm could pass as natural, obstructing vision in a Tower, so we came go and destroy it, without the guard spotting the paladin.

Warp Wood can render useless some Tower, or the mammoth pallisade, or some crane in the mine, etc.

Summon nature Ally, earth elemental, might use glide and maybe sunder some parte of the Tower, I don't know.

Summon nature Ally, Cyclop, might start a brawl in the taberna, rolling 20 to bluff.

Insect plague might make a Tower useless, if caster several times there, and gisnts believe they are natural swarms.

Transmute rock to mud might provoke some sliding to destroy a Tower (some were bear a cliff), or maybe collapse a cave.

Summon nature ally, 1d4+1 satyrs, and make mass suggestions with the pipes to flee the towers.

Comunal air Walk, to go to the towers from above, maybe out of LoS from the guards.

Using stealth (in tiny form, with elixir, I can get +28) to infiltrate, then using Spark to start a fire somewhere, without leaving clues.

Using giant Form to impersonate a giant or troll, infiltrate the base, and sabotage sonehow.

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