Community Created 6 Player Giantslayer Conversion Chapters


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I'm running Giantslayer for 6 people. In the spirit of the Kingmaker 6 player conversions, I'll be posting six player conversions here; other community conversions are welcome. Obviously fantastically spoiler heavy; GM eyes only.

Giant Slayer Battle of Bloodmarch Hill, 6 Player Conversion

I like it! I have 6 players myself, they are into Forge of Giant God right now. I've been adding monsters here and there to try to keep up with the XP needed to level generally where the AP suggest. Even with an added creature here and there they have begun to fall behind the curve though.

Have you ever looked at the Guide here on paizo about creating challenging encounters it gives you the math needed to create the encounter for 6 PCs easily, Im planning on running this game for 5 so it needs some changes not total changes.

Lost Thats why I think on APs you should just level the characters when appropriate.

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the other chapters!

We just ran the following encounter before seeing this, and was wondering what made your upgraded version of the encounter so funny.

H13: Urn Repository- Gelatinous Cube

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