Playing Hide n' Seek


I’ve seen caterpillars that are stronger than my player’s PCs so I’m looking for alternative games to play. I was thinking of playing Hide n’ Seek:
1. The hiding team would be town elites (Kurst, Rodrik, and Omast) and primarily use stealth to hide but survival to cover their tracks (for the sake of this game as opposed to using the actual feat)
2. Seekers would be the PCs and Ruby, who would primarily use survival or perception to find them

But I’m not sure about the mechanics. Was thinking of:
1. Seekers roll for initiative
2. Can do survival (opposes by NPC surcival) or perception (opposes by NPC stealth) checks (full-round and standard action, respectively)
3. Go to location (1 move action) and looking at it carefully (standard action) or opening it up and check inside (like a barrel, another move action)
4. Rinse and repeat for possibly 10-15 rounds (1–1.5 mins).

Did anyone else do hide n’ seek with a particular set of mechanics? Or do you have a suggestion for how to develop the mechanics?

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