Giant Tactics


So as I plan for the later books that are full of giants I’m trying to come up with some great tactics so far my thoughts on tactics

throwing rocks sucks

Vital strike awesome blow or giant wallop are a good tactic to charge in with. ( we house rule you can vital strike on any type of single attack action charge spring attack ect)!

Giant archers can be a huge pain in the a$$ so they are good

Giants with the sorcerer and wizard templates will change up the battles

What are some tactics I’m not thinking of?

Don't forget grappling and sundering!

Sundering the PCs’ precious, precious magic items is brutal. Did I mention precious?

I’m not a big fan on Sundering because it slows down damaging the party at the cost of their gold. If I wanted to do that I would give them less gold lol. Problem with grapple is while you are grappling the rest of party is kicking your teeth in.

With our house rule cleave is also a great tactic.

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