Death of 25 Orc's by the Cook


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Our Group has flexed and changed quite a bit when we started.

at first we have a Dwarf Ranger (Favorite Enemy: Giants), Human Blue Dragon Sorcerer (me), and a Half-Giant Fighter.

Ranger almost got killed in the first book by Shadow Rats.
We lost the dwarf when he had to leave the area for family until spring. So it came down to me and the Half-Giant.

we got a few NPC's that we convinced to join us, mostly with a little trickery or promises of help on their quests to defeat the Hill Giant. (IE/ GM bumped up the meetings of the Dwarf NPC's one right when we got to the castle and the other before).

So we wanted to sneak around the keep, The half-giant stayed pretty well hidden while I used Disguise self to appear as an Orc, since I speak it, things went well up until I got to the small army.

"WHO ARE YOU!?!" Yelled from behind

made my will save not to jump out of my skin completely. (DC 13 apparently)
"I was told I need to be cook for screwing up, where do I go for that? Sir?"
The orc grinned and laughed "Must have screwed up bad, fine you come cook stew"

I was then left alone with several ingredients GM asked me what I would do, so I told them I cook and add as I cook 5 Doses each of two poisons. Arsenic & Oil of Taggit, I told them I would do a sleight of hand check to make sure no one would see me adding anything just in case someone was watching I didn't see. (Rolled a natural 20, for a total of 22)
then I said I'd make a Profession Cook check to best hide and make the poison most effective.

DC's for the Arsenic went up too 21 and the Oil of Taggit to DC 23

The GM had them roll against the oil of taggit first, and they failed, the Arsenic was then next and was failed.

GM then stated that the army was asleep what now, then I pointed out the duration increase with the DC increases and stated we likely wouldn't need to worry about the army.

The Half-Giant player deadpanned "So you get the Experience for killing 25 CR 1 Orcs?"

GM- No, not all of it, it would cap out I think as a CR 9 Encounter (which I agree'd that it would cap out)

Almost level'd me to 8th

We recently got the Half-Orc Oracle on our side with the Half-Giant and me both killing the guy holding her after he came out and started yelling at his troops for falling asleep everywhere.

So we just met the ghost and I can't help but wonder if I had the character live up to his name sake of Loki Stormbringer (was going for a Loki Style character that uses his 'brothers' element of lightning hence the Blue Dragon Bloodline)

Thoughts and concerns? I am still looking forward to the rest of the adventure path and recently we have a few players wanting to join

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