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As the title suggests, there will be spoilers.

The PCs in Giantslayer obtain a LOT of capital-A Artifacts during the course of the campaign. Generally these work best for specialized PCs, like the Drakesbane Horn working best in the hands of a bard, and Heartspit being wielded by a PC who has Nagrym's Steel Hand, since they're acquired together.

What should be done if multiple PCs covet the same artifact? Say a half-orc spear fighter wants Nargrym's Steel Hand to wield Heartspit, but a dwarf PC wants them because they're DWARVEN treasures? What if there's a bard AND skald who BOTH want the Drakesbane Horn? What happens to Agrimmosh when a hammer-wielding PC gets the Hammer of Thunderbolts? What if the PC with Nargrym's Steel Hand decides they want the Hammer of Thunderbolts, since the Hand lets them wield it one-handed, while the Agrimmosh-wielding player wants it because it's a hammer like they've specialized in since they got Agrimmosh back in the first adventure? What about the person who plays a wizard and can't use ANY of these artifacts? How do you prevent PCs from fighting over the artifacts?

In my experience, there's usually either a central artifact that's "shared" by the party (the Sihedron in Shattered Star is a prime example), or there's a hard limit of one artifact per person so no one feels left out (which Heartspit and the Hammer of Thunderbolts complicates as they're both Large weapons which would benefit from Nargrym's Steel Hand). When there's this many specialized artifacts at once, I'm not certain how they'd get distributed without some degree of meta gaming.

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Personally, my party hasn't had a problem with it yet: Agrimmosh and Nargrym's Steel Hand both went to the dwarf fighter, Drakesbane Horn will probably go to the cleric's bard cohort (I tend to be nice about these things so when I made her I made her specialize in winds), and Heartspit went ignored and uncared for because the martials are two weapon-specialized fighters (warhammer and greatsword) and a knifemaster rogue. I expect that when the Hammer of Thunderbolts comes around the dwarf fighter will either keep it as a backup weapon (I said since Large weapons are now sized for him Agrimmosh returned to it's normal large, which suits his tendency to Vital Strike, see above re: nice about these things) or it'll share Heartspit's fate.

That being said, if there were conflicts, my campaign's method of dealing with people who can't show up for a session (interplanar spiders borrow their characters for their war against the Space Shoes) would do nicely; I'd just threaten to have the spiders steal the artifact if they couldn't come to an agreement. But then my campaign has weirdness like that.

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Sorry for the thread necro, but I just noticed this (we are entering book 4 this coming weekend)...

Agrimmosh does not resize because of Nargrym's Steel Hand. Agrimmosh automatically resizes itself to the size of the wielder, not the size of the weapons a wielder can use. That is the second line of its description: "It functions as a +2 impact warhammer that automatically resizes itself to match the size of its wielder."

Anyway, our fighter has both the hand and Agrimmosh, and I suspect he'll trade up to the Hammer of Thunderbolts once he gets it, handing Agrimmosh off to the ranger (who just picked up the forge-resized +2 flaming adamantine warhammer). We ditched Heartspit because nobody could use it, nor did anyone expect to ever use it.

While I can't say I've had to do it to an artifact yet only being in book 2, I've made numerous adjustments to the name treasures in the game to better tailor them to my party. I'm probably not batting 1000, but I've been trying to make sure that every item is at least usable by one, and likely multiple, people whenever possible to make sharing as easy as possible.

I've also left the artifacts they've acquired intentionally vague mechanically even when they successfully identify them. It took them several sessions before they really knew what Agrimmosh did even as a weapon. This has also encouraged the whole "everyone owns this weapon" mentality -- because it's always more than just a tool of a single party member.

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