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Gary Teter wrote:
Some have argued that we should not feast on the delicious flesh of those who have given to us our sacrifices. Some have argued that the gods speak to us directly, twice every holy minute, and twice each time for the coming good measure, and that we should not doubt, nor even give the stink eye to, the bounty which has been flayed before us. My question is partly about food safety and partly about social etiquette.

See? Lecter's Law

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Andostre wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
Basically, if you take something I don't like, mash it into a paste and add salt I'll love it.
Does this apply to people? Because if so... I don't think the salt part is necessary.

I think we need to name this phenomenon Lecter's Law: Like Godwin's law, as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving cannibalism approaches 1.

♫♪ Phenomena
(Do do da do-do)
(Da do-do do)
(Do do da do-do da do-do da do-do-do-do do)

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Non Sequitur Camel wrote:
Isn’t it weird that people are made of meat?

Are you sure you're not Carl the Llama?

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♫♪ "Running for your life from Kathy Bates
She's brandishing a knife, it's Kathy Bates
Lurking in the shadows
Hollywood superstar Kathy Bates." ♫♪

Yep, still works.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Also, when I was at the store this morning, I saw "Baby Brussels Sprouts". They looked exactly like the "regular" Brussels Sprouts right next to them, same size and everything, but cost about 20% more. Just marketing? Call them baby sprouts to make people think they'll be more tender or something?

Duh. Babies are more tender, juicy, and delicious.

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Ultron Brown wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Alton Brown is such a wonderful cook. Perhaps he should roast Michael Bay? ~grins and runs from Freehold DM~
Nothing would make me happier than To Serve Man.

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

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Drejk wrote:

Disappointment of the day: friend who before claimed to be racist today revealed that she is also homophobic. *sigh*

No black folks around or openly gay people among friends so it changes little in practice but it's very meh moment for me.

Well, you're a dragon. Just do your civic duty, pretend she's one of those meddling knights or a sticky-fingered rogue after your hoard, and then eat her. :)

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Tacticslion wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
I like drinking, when it's warm out, it's gotta be 75 degrees or above.
Your liver will thank you for not moving to Florida.

{sets down knife and fork} Awww, shucks. {turns off simmering pot of fava beans}

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If you've got sharp enough teeth and a cast iron stomach, anyone is edible if you're daring enough.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
I went to a nice restaurant the other day, and the waitress asked me if I had any questions about the menu. I said "Yeah, I do. What font is this?"

{smiles smugly} It's something called Sillian Rail. {goes back to laying pages of the newspaper style section on the floor}

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What's the going rate on a farmer these days?

With the changes from the new tax law in effect, what changes should I make on my WD-40?

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87) Will recipes for baking bread from ground Englishfolk's bones be in metric or imperial measurements?

88) How much cholesterol is in one serving of Soylent Goblin?

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Freehold DM wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Between the 58 degree weather, the job interview this morning, and Pact Worlds hopefully out for delivery today, my enthusiasm for working tonight is at an all time low.

Edit: I also anticipate a picked over carcass of a store when I get there, people have been relentless g+$+@+n savages.

rides wild horses into captain yesterday store, leaps off of horse to eat a coworker in horrifying act of cannibalism, asks for directions to my little pony clearance

Ah man, the company was liquidating co-workers too? Sooooo hungry...

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I blame Cosmo that out of all the time travelers who supposedly try to kill Hitler, none of them have bothered to take a side jaunt to stop Gygax & Kuntz from inventing paladins.

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Captain ? wrote:

Is it Dustin Diamond.

I understand he's been stabbing people at bars in the northwoods.

I could take care of Dustin, if you'd like.

John Napier 698 wrote:
Seriously, though, Cap. If the hand turns black, it will have to be amputated. Because of gangrene.

I could take care of that hand too. No pressure, just offering.