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Human (Ulfen)


Brawler (Shield Champion) 1 /\/\ Init: +1 | HP: 11/11 | AC: 15 | FF: 14 | Tch: 11 | Fort: +4 | Ref: +3 | Will: +1 | Perc: +5 | +4 Fort vs Cold Weather |












Common, Hallit, Skald, Tien

Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 13

About Lagedottir the Unmovable

Vital Stats:

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 24
Speed: 30
HP: 11/11
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: White


Northern Ancestry - +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves, as well as cold resistance 2; this resistance does not stack with cold resistance gained from any other source.

Oathbound - Once per day, you may reroll a saving throw against a charm or compulsion effect. You must take the second result even if it is worse.


Fort: +4 Ref: +3 Will: +1 | +4 vs Cold Environments (Outfit)

Trained Skills:

*Acrobatics: +5 ( 1 Ranks + 1 Dex + 3 Class)
Appraise: +2 ( 0 Ranks + 2 Int)
Bluff: +1 ( 0 Ranks + 1 Cha)
*Climb: +6 ( 1 Rank + Str + 3 Class)
Diplomacy: +1 ( 0 Rank + 1 Cha)
Disguise: +1 ( 0 Ranks + 1 Cha)
*Escape Artist: +5 ( 5 Ranks + Dex + 3 Class)
Fly: +1 ( 0 Ranks + 1 Dex)
Heal: +2 ( 1 Ranks + 1 Wis)
*Intimidate: +1 ( 0 Rank + 1 Cha)
Knowledge (Nature): +3 ( 1 Rank + 2 Int)
Lore (Irori): +6 ( 1 Rank + 2 Int + 3 Class)
*Perception: +5 ( 1 Ranks + 1 Wis + 3 Class)
Perform (Wind Instrument): +2 ( 1 Rank + 1 Cha)
*Ride: +1 ( 0 Rank + 1 Dex)
*Sense Motive: +1 ( 0 Ranks + Wis)
Stealth: +2 ( 1 Rank + 1 Dex)
Survival: +5 ( 1 Ranks + 1 Wis)
*Swim: +2 ( 0 Ranks + 2 Str)


Simple Weapon Pro
Light Armor
Light Shields
Heavy Shields

Improved Shield Bash
Skill Focus: Survival

Special Abilities:

Brawler’s Cunning: Intelligence counts as 13 if below.

Martial Flexibility: Move action to gain the benefit of a combat feat she doesn’t possess. This effect lasts for 1 minute. Must meet all the feat’s prerequisites. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + 1/2 her brawler level (minimum 1).

Feat daily uses (i.e. Stunning Fist) count towards this limit.

Martial Training: Counts as both Fighter and Monk for Feats and Magic Items.

Unarmed Strike (1d6): As per Monk.


Init: +2
AC: 15 (+3 Armor, +1 Shield, +1 Dex) | Tch 11 | FF 14
Attack Bonus: +1
Melee: +3
Ranged: +2
CMB: +3
CMD: 14 | FF 13

Unarmed Strike | +3 Melee | Damage (1d6+2) | x2 Crit | B

Shield Bash | +3 Melee (-5 Melee if fighting with both) | Damage 1d3+2 (1d3+1 both) | x2 Crit | B

Equipment and Possessions:

Light Load: 0 - 76 (w/o Pack 0 - 66) <<<<<<<
Med Load: 77 - 153 (w/o Pack 67 - 133)
Hvy Load: 154 - 230 (w/o Pack 134 - 200)

MW Backpack (25 lbs)
Winter Blanket
Silk Rope
Torches x5
Campfire Bead

Belt Pouch 1 (.5 lbs)
Flint & Steel
Potion of CMW

Belt Pouch 2 (5.5 lbs)
Trail Rations x5

Cold Weather Outfit (7 lbs)

Monk Outfit (2 lbs)

MW Studded Leather (20 lbs)

MW Light Steel Shield (6 lbs)

Waterskin (4 lbs)

Bear claw necklace

Total Weight: 70

Money: 62 GP | 5 SP


While by birth Lagedottir may be Ulfen, she has never seen her homeland. Her mother, Svaladettir the Bear Slayer, was captured by Chelaxian slavers while she was pregnant and gave birth during the voyage back. A small sect of monks was also taking a voyage to Andoran when the slavers came across them. The slavers attempted to overtake the monks, but were quickly defeated. In the ensuing battle, Svaladettir was killed by an errant spell. After the slaves were freed, the monks took the child in.

Her formative years were spent in a newly founded monastery in the mountains of northern Adoran. She may have been the only Ulfen there, but Master Kwai Po treated her as his own. Teaching her to read, write, and what knowledge he could find of the Ulfen people. He even when so far as to find a tutor to teach her Skald and Hallit.

In her training sessions with the other initiates, the young woman made a friend by the name of Ting Chin. The two of them were always trying to outdo the other in almost every kind of challenge possible. There was only one time it got out of hand. After finding a cave not too far from the monastery, they decided to have a blindfolded fighting contest. Unfortunately, one of their missed blows landed in just the right spot in the wall to cause a cave in, trapping them both inside. To increase their chances of survival, they both slipped into a deep meditative state to conserve air. Within this state is when Lage had her first dream of fighting in the snows of some unknown land. She’s had these dreams every so often ever since, and a fear of enclosed spaces.

Some time after their rescue, a stranger appeared at the monastery. An old bard by the name of Marcon. He was now a travelling merchant on his way to someplace further north. Lagedottir was fascinated with the stories he would tell whenever he came for a visit. He also taught her the flute and brought her presents from time to time. On one of his visits, she noticed a shield and a suit of armor that just called to her very soul. Her master gave her the money to purchase them, and since then, she has practiced incorporating them into her style. One training session against six other students, Lage proved to be particularly difficult to budge from her stance, earning her the name The Unmovable.

After she had come of age, her and Ting Chin were travelling in a nearby village, trying to spread knowledge to the local people. In this town they were beset by two thugs that knocked out Ting and nefarious plans for her. She managed to fight them off, but not being used to fighting with adrenaline, one of them died, and the young woman regretted the unnecessary loss of life. She has vowed to do everything in her power to not kill anyone, unless she was left with no choice. In addition, she has sworn off carnal pleasures so as not to entice men into such acts.

A few years later, Lagedottir began feeling an irresistible pull of wanderlust. Master Kwai Po felt it was time for her to leave the nest, and asked Marcon to watch out for her. He did for several months, until age had caught up with him and he passed in his sleep. The young woman held a service for him, cremating his remains and began her journey to his hometown Heldren.

Tracked Resources:

Martial Flexibility: 4/4 per day
Torches: 5/5
Trail Rations: 5/5
Oathbound Re-Roll: 1/1 per day

Five minute Background:

1) I'd like 5 points that capture the concept and story of the character. More are welcome, but no less than five.

- Rescued from slavers as a baby by a small sect of monks that follow the Deity Irori.
- Raised in their monastery in the Mountains of Andoran
- Has taken a vow of chastity
- While she was raised by Monks, they made sure she knows something of her Ulfen heritage. Even gave her a name to reflect as much.
- Plays the flute for meditations in the morning at sunrise.
- Will kill a humanoid if she has to, but prefers to leave them living. (Though a little bloody.)

2) Two goals that you'd like the character to accomplish in-game.

- To perfect her fighting ability (learn at least one Style Feat chain)
- Learn more about her heritage.

3) Two secrets, one the PC keeps to himself, and one kept from the PC.

- Personal secret: Has occasional dreams of fighting strange creatures in a snowy setting.
- Unknown to her: Is a distant, distant relation to a Boreal Dryad. (To manifest later with the Eldritch Heritage chain)

4) 3-5 people that are tied to your PC by blood, love, rivalry, honor, etc. Only one should be a rival.

- Master Kwai Po: Mentor at the Monastery.
- Ting Chin: Friendly Rival (They pushed each other to be better)
- Marcon the Traveller: A Merchant Bard that taught her the flute, and told her many tales of the outside world.

5) Three key memories that define your character as the person they are at the time of submission.

- The day she got her byname The Unmovable
- The first time he killed a man. Even though it was self-defense, she vowed to not kill again unless she had no choice.
- When she first purchased a shield from Marcon on one of his visits to the monastery.

6) What a fear or paranoia that causes your character to shiver, cower, or panic.

- Lagedottir was once trapped in a collapsed cave and nearly suffocated before the other monks rescued her. Since then, she's been a little claustrophobic and hesitant to enter caves.

7) Why are you in Heldren? Are you from here or passing by? What brought you here and/or has kept you here?

- She came to Heldren, because that is where Marcon said he was from.