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Human (Skilled)


Bard 1 /\/\ Perc: +5 | HP: 16/16 | AC: 15 | Fort: +3 | Ref: +5 | Will: +5 | Spell DC: 17 | Hero Points: 1/3










Common, Ionian, Sea Wolf

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Divina Plavix

Vital Stats:

Age: 23
Speed: 25
HP: 16/16
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Fair
Languages: Common
Background: Merchant
Heritage: Skilled (Acrobatics)


Fort (Trained): +3 | Ref (Trained): +5 | Will (Expert): +5

Trained Skills:

Acrobatics: +5 ( 2 Dex + 3 Prof + Item - Armor) (Trained)
Arcana: +2 ( 2 Int + Prof + Item)
Athletics: +4 ( 1 Str + 3 Prof + Item - Armor) (Trained)
Crafting: +2 ( 2 Int + Prof + Item)
Deception: +7 ( 4 Cha + 3 Prof + Item) (Trained)
Diplomacy: +7 ( 4 Cha + 3 Prof + Item) (Trained)
Intimidation: +4 ( 4 Cha + Prof + Item)
Lore (Mercantile): +5 ( 2 Int + 3 Prof + Item) (Trained)
Lore (Sailing Ships): +5 ( 2 Int + 3 Prof + Item) (Trained)
Medicine: +0 ( 0 Wis + Prof + Item)
Nature: +0 ( 0 Wis + Prof + Item)
Occultism: +5 ( 2 Int + 3 Prof + Item) (Trained)
Performance: +7 ( 4 Cha + 3 Prof + Item) (Trained)
Religion: +0 ( 0 Wis + Prof + Item)
Society: +5 ( 2 Int + 3 Prof + Item) (Trained)
Stealth: +5 ( 2 Dex + 3 Prof + Item - Armor) (Trained)
Survival: +0 ( 0 Wis + Prof + Item)
Thievery: +5 ( 2 Dex + 3 Prof + Item - Armor) (Trained)


1st - Cooperative Nature: You gain a +4 circumstance bonus on checks to Aid.

Lingering Composition: By adding a flourish, you make your compositions last longer. You learn the lingering composition focus spell. Increase the number of Focus Points in your focus pool by 1.



(Background) Bargain Hunter: Can use Diplomacy to Earn Income, by spending the day hunting bargains and selling for profit. Can spend looking for a bargain on a specific item. Works as Earn Income, except you get a discount equal to the amount earned from Diplomacy check. If selected at 1st Level character creation, start with additional 2 gp.

Special Abilities:

Muse - Maestro


Weapons: Simple Weapons, Unarmed Attacks, longsword, rapier, sap, shortbow, shortsword, and whips. (Trained)

Armor: Light Armor and Unarmored (Trained)

Perception: Expert

Spell DC: Occult (Trained)
Spell Attack: Occult (Trained)


Perception: +5 ( 0 Wis + 5 Prof + Item)
AC: 15 ( 10 + 2 Dex + 3 Prof + Item)

Whip | +5 ( 2 Ability + 3 Prof + Item) | Damage 1d4+1 S | Disarm, Finesse, Nonlethal, Reach, Trip

Dagger | +5 ( 2 Ability + 3 Prof + Item) | Damage 1d4+1 P | Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft., Versatile S


Tradition: Occult
Spell DC: 17 ( 10 + 4 Cha + 3 Prof)
Spell Attack: +7 ( 4 Cha + 3 Prof)

Spell Repertoire
Cantrip (5/Day) - Dancing Lights, Daze, Forbidding Ward, Know Direction, Telekinetic Projectile
1st (2/Day) - Charm, Color Spray, Soothe

Pool: 2
Spells: Counter Performance, Lingering Composition
Cantrip: Inspire Courage

Equipment and Possessions:

Bulk Limit: 11
Encumbered: 6

Explorer’s Clothing (L) (Dex Cap 5, Comfort)

Musical Instrument (Handheld) (Violin) (1 Bulk)

Whip (1 Bulk)

Dagger x3 (L)

Backpack (2/4 Bulk)
- Bedroll (L)
- 50 Ft Rope (L)
- 14 days of rations (1 Bulk)
- 5 Torches (L)

Belt Pouch (0/4 Light Bulk)
- Flint and Steel
- 10 pieces of Chalk
- Soap

Belt Pouch (0/4 Light Bulk)
- Candle x2 -
- Twine (10 ft) -
- Oil (1 Pint) -
- Tindertwig x5 -

Waterskin (Full, 1 Bulk, 1 Day of water)

4-Person Tent (1 Bulk, tied to horse)

Total Bulk: 5

Money: 104 SP | 1 CP


On the Free Merchant ship Coral Spear, Bell Plavix captained her fairly and strongly. Such strength attracted the affections of the First Mate Harvon Teekan. Their whirlwind romance gave rise to a child, a daughter they named Divina.

Growing up on the seas certainly had its benefits. She learned many talents, such as the art of negotiation, almost superb balance where ever she walked, who's who in what port, even a little thievery. But her greatest talent was the violin, and since she learned to play it, morale was never better. But the carefree life she was raised with was soon to come to an end in her twenty first year.

In one of the many ports of Iona, Divina caught the attention of one of Morgath's Champions, Ser Crathen Jana. After nearly a year of negotiations, her parents agreed to the match. The young woman didn't want to marry that man, he made her very uneasy, but her parents believe it was a good match. So she decided to take her fate into her own hands.

During the months planning for the big wedding, Divina made plans of her own. She had heard of this new land called Terra Nova, and it seemed a perfect place to disappear. Finally, a month before her wedding, she slipped out under the cover of darkness to an awaiting merchant ship bound for the new land. Standing on the deck of the ship in her dark cloak watching the Ionian lighthouse disappear, a pang of guild shot through her as she thought of how disappointed her parents would be in the morning.

Finally landing in the new world, she immediately began taking carriage after carriage to throw off the scent of any that may being trying to hunt her down and take her back to Iona. She soon found her self in the village of Tanner's Crossing.

Creation Notes:

Where were you born? Born at sea on the Free Merchant Ship Coral Spear

Who are/were your Parents? First Mate Harvon Teekan and Captain Bella Plavix

2a) Are they still alive? Yes

What did you do before Adventuring? Sailed from one port to another with her parents, learning the merchant trade.

Why did you leave? She wants to make her own way in the world and see more land than just what is at the port. That and to get away from her fiance Ser Crathen Jana, Champion of Morgath.

What did you leave behind? Her parents, the arranged marriage to Ser Crathen

What do you want? To see the wonders of Terra Nova, and someday set up her own shop.

Character Type: The Adventurer

Physical Description: Divina Plavix is a petite woman that doesn’t appear particular well-muscled however, she is quite quick and precise in her movements. Her hair is fiery red and shoulder-length, this is offset by her piercing blue eyes and soft facial features.

Mannerisms: Divina speaks in a melodic voice and is skilled at the art of negotiation due to years of haggling with port merchants.

Pain Points: She misses her parents and feels guilt at disappointing them by running away from her arranged marriage to Ser Crathen.

Desires: Above all else, Divina wants her freedom and wants to see all of Terra Nova.

Fear/Phobia: That Ser Crathen or his agents will find her and drag her back to marry him.

Game Notes:

Ser Crathen part of the Black Crescent