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"I told you, I'm The Doctor." He responded as the made his way out of the alley. At the entrance, a stone caught his eye. Picking it up, he pulled a small grey device from his coat and pointed it at the rock. There came a buzzing sound, then he said, "Interesting. Well I must be off. Remember, if you see anymore Weeping Angels, don't take your eyes off of them." With that, he trotted off the way you came.

His leg feeling better, The Doctor stood up, "Thank you." Once again addressing Gashka, "I like ruins, they always seem to hold something interesting. But I wasn't counting on a Weeping Angel." Glancing at his leg, he turned to Chris, "Fascinating thing magic, what's your focus, words, numbers, special herbs, what?"

There's a distinct 'pop' as the bone is set. The Doctor then looked at Gashka, a mixture of pain and sorrow in his eyes, "I come from a place that no longer exists."

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"You could say that."

Looking at Terra, the Doctor remarked, "Now that is a facinating ability." Turning his gaze back to Flynt, he answered, "When did it take him would be a more appropriate question. And to that, I have no idea." Addressing the entire group, "I don't suppose any of you could help be with this?" Indicating hi leg.

Watch the Episode Blink.

"Just the Doctor. And I have no idea what boat you're talking about. As for what I'm doing here, these ruins seem interesting and I thought I'd have a look. Then I met a man named Asho, and soon after we we're being chased by this Angel. I broke my leg in the flight and he managed to get me here before it got him. I've been stuck here the past few days, fighting to stay awake."

"Whatever you do, don't take your eyes off of it. Don't even blink. It's known as a Weeping Angel, the only psychopaths in the universe that kill you nicely." He explained.

"I'm the Doctor. And have we met before?"

"Hey! Hey! Can you give me a hand here? I've got a bit of a problem here!" Came a voice that somehow sounded familiar.

*Cocks head to one side* Such a strange place.

Why'd you try to move a killer whale?

I can get you back to any time you want.

I can fill out anything, I'm The Doctor.

Did someone call?