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Full Name

Sarah C


(Green Slaad) Mostly Human. Mostly.


Barbarian / Fighter / Slacker PrC




5' 8-3/4"


Old enough to remember swapping Winsock under Windows 3.1 to get online before the Internet

Special Abilities

Power Word: Get Off Lawn (1/day), Snark (at will), Skill Focus (Knowledge [Useless Trivia]), Craft (lists)


Chaotic Chaos. Mostly.

Wisdom 5

About Slaad-Barr

Q: "What is a slaad?" you ask?
A: Ask my Uncle Xanxost.

Q: "What is an Ambrosia Slaad?"
A: A Southern "delicacy" -- actually rather gross/disgusting, with the addition of coconut pushing it into super-disgusting. Quintessentially Southern, ubiquitous at potlucks & family gatherings, and nutritionally terrible.


Website & Contact Info
Slaadchronicity II (has links for email and other social media)

Published RPG Credits:
Butterfrog Studio
» Field Guide to The Butterfrog [free: @Paizo, @DriveThruRPG]: editing

Forest Guardian Press
» Yggsdrasil #1 [free: @Paizo]: designer "Natoosi" and "Twisted Pair" (Bestiary)

Kobold Press
» Charnel Cow (Charnie! on Paizo): additional design

Little Red Goblin Games
» Racial Guide 2.5 Halfbreeds and Hybrids [@Paizo, @DriveThruRPG]: designer "The Nacritoi" (oread/rakshasa 0-HD hybrid race)

Paizo Fans United
» Wayfinder #7 [free @Paizo]: designer "Of Magic And Mettle" (four magus arcana and extempresario archetype) and (Bestiary) "Skindancers", a 0-HD race; editing & proofreading
» Wayfinder #10 [free @Paizo]: designer "Of Magic and Mettle" (spiderhawk magus archetype); proofreading
» Wayfinder #11 [free, @Paizo]: designer (Bestiary) "Addiction Devil"; editing & proofreading
» Wayfinder #12 [free, @Paizo]: designer "Osirian Ethnologies: The Sal'awaan" and (Bestiary) "Creamfoot Fennec"; editing
» Wayfinder #13 [free, @Paizo]: designer "Under a Hunter’s Moon" (skinwalker options); proofreading

...and hopefully more on the way :)