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Concealed weapons, Concealed spells, and the Wild West, oh my!

Bringing a Vine Leshy PC back from the dead

Dance of Chains Feat and Magus Spell Combat

Metamagic cast times - Multiple GM's have done it differently?

What is your favorite companion class or archetype?

Best Necromancer

Three spells -- feat question

Foreshadowing Favored Terrain

Help Choosing a deity

Explosive Weapon is really cool. What do you do with it?

Magic to locate elves

players are conflicted about the plot, what can I do?

Leveling Artifacts

Multiple Archetype question

What's the point of frog, if otter is available? (Animal Aspect, Greater)

Magnifying Chime

How generous should a temple of Iomedae be?

Gnome / Drawf Defensive Training, but why?!

Orc Goliath Druid PFS legal 20th level build out advice needed

What classes work well for a unarmed combatant?

Looking into Solo Adventures

GM plans on an undead heavy game. I want to use a plant based build, but don’t know where to start.

Default Archetypes

is it PFS legal to use "Gifted Adept" "Call Animal" to get a higher CR level pet / summons?

Antimagic field and spellbane

Question about Pummeling / Jabbing Style Feats

Question about Pummeling / Jabbing Style Feats

AP suggestions

Poisoner PC ?!?

Paizo Blog: A First Look at Pathfinder Second Edition

Can You Spy on a Prepared Caster?

Puppeteer Bard Archetype

Calculating overland movement for fast characters

Help w Campaign Start: 1st game for these backstories

Sneak Attack from Multiclassing stacking

Can bracers of armor add anything not flat cost?

What am I missing about the Shield of the Mage?

Rayfa's guide to the Medium class

The Atomic Blaster- AKA, how to do more damage than an atomic bomb

Wizard Spells List

Assumed form (sp) of Intrigue Oracle Mystery: Clarification

[Cone of Negative Energy] EZG reviews Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter (system agnostic downtime mini-game)

[Legendary Games] What has happened to Neil Spicer's pregen character series?

Crafter Alchemist archetype

Samsaran, Mystic Past Life, Burning Hands / Scorching Ray from Elemental (non fire) Bloodline, Winter Witch question.

[LighthouseKG] Pathfinder on the VTT...its canonical..!

Ritualist and Occult Rituals, How would you go about it?

Combat Manager application

Hurling enemies, rules and enactments!

Cartomancer / hexcrafter build

Sphere of might - Brawler (Brutal Pummeler) Build In need of Advice

Gestalt build: best pair for a wizard?

Need some help with a cursed item

Azlant help

Iomedaen Enforcer - Aura of Justice

Biped and the Eidolon Mount feat, What changes?

Random Village / town / city

Shugenja (Rokugan, Sorcerer Variant)

Actually decent Head Item

Sentinel Boons on Paladins

PF 1 - Monsterous Mount

Outsiders killed on the material plane: what happens to the body?

How to Make Humans Feel Non-Standard

How does the Thrush get a +12 Fly Check?

As Dragon as Dragon Can Be

Base on my party what should I play

So I decided to min-max bluff

Kensai Bladebound Magus

Unbalanced Group, what to do?

A Bard Idea

Encounters With The Best Mechanics

Druid: Domain vs. Animal companion.

Miriam from Bloodstained, how would you approach recreating her?

Did anyone already convert Red Hand of Doom to PFRPG?

Making my own Animal Companion

Esoteric Knight and occultist?

How exactly, dumber down, do spellbook preparation rituals work?

Are these 3rd party Kineticist options balanced?

Wrestling Focused Character

Unchained Monk / Monk Multiclass

G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King (Pathfinder Conversion)

Prone Spellcaster

Leveling Artifacts!!

Zaratan thoughts? CR?

Ranger Infiltrator; Adaptation question

Sphere of might - Brawler (Brutal Pummeler) Build In need of Advice

Sphere of might - Brawler (Brutal Pummeler) Build In need of Advice

Bloody skeleton question

Where do you keep your scrolls?

Level 1 tree-hugging adventure?

Calm Emotions - What happens when under it's effect?

Advice needed on a Doom Slayer character

Template: Lesser Wendigo

What are some fun, capstone, level 20 builds?

Aether Elemental vs Aether Wysp?

Aggressive Thundercloud

Retry Feint

Challenging my PCs (Iron Gods AP, very minor spoilers) [Bench-Pressing]

Building a Better Character Questionnaire

zen archer / inquisitor PFS build - thoughts?

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