Demon inside a Golem question


I read an old Conan story called the "Devil in Iron" Basicly a being from the abyss come to the material plane he is not able to form flesh due to his demonic nature so he makes for himself a Man suit of iron. Basicly he inhabits a Golem for 1000 years and no metal blade can pierce his skin.

then a priest of his slaves finds a "star metal" and over throws him and destroys his empire this star metal is the only thing that can hurt him It cant kill his golem body so he traps him on an altar weighed down by the knife trapped until freed.

is there a instance In Pathfinde of a monster like this? hasany body read the story and can they point me in the right direction golem wise?

I was thinking of not making the star metal Admantium that is to easy to get a hold of any suggestions?

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Adamantium is only as easy to get ahold of as the DM makes it. However, Pathfinder's treating of magical weapons and DR make this plan troublesome at high levels.

I can make it dr/what ever can't I? sillicate for all I want

you could make it DR/Graham Crackers if you really wanted to.

I prefer DR/chocolate covered strawberries...

what +Enhancement bonus number would over come dr/choclate?

I'd suggest coming up with a "specific" weapon of legacy, or destiny, etc. that could be used to combat the BBEG. Secondly, I suggest that the environment give the PCs some options when fighting this guy, otherwise it comes down to one person doing all the work with the special item while the rest sit back and watch. A basic Iron golem would probably suffice, you could ramp it up with more hit points or demonic abilities to fit a CR that you are aiming for. I suggest that is be able to summon ally's as it would give the rest of the group something to battle.

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