Additional Attacks of Opportunity


I am playing a barbarian, and I am trying to build him into a CAGM barbarian. The problem I have is that, due to the stat generation method we used, my dex is currently 14 I am trying to figure out how I can increase the number of attacks of opportunity. Here's the list I have right now, but can other people think of other ways I have missed?

  • Combat Reflexes feat
  • Incease dexterity (requires Combat Refelxes)
  • Quick Reflexes rage power

Are those my only options?

Be an elf and take Elven Battle Training.

A belt of dexterity.

Multi class into Fighter (High Guardian) for two levels, you get Combat Reflexes but the archetype lets you use strength instead of dexterity

A corner case that may not assist you much, but two levels of Shaman with the Battle spirit would allow you to take its Battle Master hex.

This provides an extra AOO every round, which stacks with whatever you get from Combat Reflexes. (It also scales up with Shaman levels for some other stuff, but that's not going to be all that appealing for your build idea.)

The High Guardian dip suggested by Master Han Del seems more worthwhile, I think, on the assumption you'll be maxing out on STR.

how many AoO's do you need? I believe the guides only suggest needing a 14 dex to do CaGM.

Can you use a reach weapon?
Can you invest enough into it to get it enchanted with Fortuitous? (If one AoO hits you get a second at -5, once per round.)

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