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These questions may sound off, but they are questions that have come to mind when thinking about the Alchemist Discover, Demolition Charge to which the answers for I cannot find anywhere.

Demolition Charge:

When the alchemist creates a bomb, he can choose to have it deal damage to an object as if by a sunder combat maneuver. If the item is worn or held by an opponent, the item is considered the direct target, and the wearer/holder takes splash damage from the blast. If the object is unattended, a demolition charge deals an additional 2d6 points of damage on a direct hit. This bonus doesn't affect the bomb's splash damage.

Do you sunder using the wielders CMD ir do you make an attack roll? The text says that the DAMAGE is dealt as though by a sunder attempt, it does not say how the attack is proceeded with.

Do you make an attack roll on the wielder or the item? If item, how do you determine the AC of both an attended item & an unattended item?

Apparently energy damage only does half damage to items. Would this still apply with Demolition Charges that arr specifically designed to destroy objects? Otherwise you could just make attck rolls &/or aim to damage items no differently to a weapon attacking a lock.

Where is says that the wielder/holder takes splash damage, does it still do splash damage as normal also?


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From my understanding of how it works:

1) You make an attack roll. The damage is as if a sunder, which means things that help the damage part of sunders apply. The attack roll is still a bomb.

2) The AC of attended items is rather difficult to gauge. I would guess it uses the dodge and deflection bonuses of its owner (as said owner would be avoiding even his sword from being hit), but the size bonus of the weapon itself (which is one size smaller for one-handed weapons, and two sizes smaller for light weapons). If the object is unattended, it's a lot simpler: 10 AC base, -5 AC for no dexterity (it's immobile), and then apply size.

3) I think so. If not outright stated, then at least for balance purposes it would probably be a little much for one bomb to completely destroy a magic weapon.

4) It still deals splash damage as normal, though the wielder does not take said splash damage twice.

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