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i am trying to run a game of pathfinder on roll20 but when looking for a dm i got one that said he would, but no crunchy rules. when i asked what that ment he said

"Crunchy = lots of fiddly bits (encyclopedic rules and refs, shopping lists of feats/abilities/powers/items/ rules redundancy (engineering wise at least) e.g. Roll a threat, then roll to confirm but, no wait, it is immune unless it is an odd thursday. TOC refs are in cm/inches..."

can someone explain this to me?

He's using a stripped down version of the rules from what I can gather.

From what I can tell he's playing it fast and loose with the rules, making it up as he goes along, and doing away with monster abilities, Feats, powers, and items?

Maybe you should be asking him instead of me.

My translation would be:
"I just want to have a quick game, and not learn all the rules. I either don't trust you to know and/or apply all the relevant rules pertaining to your own character fairly, or fear my "simplistic" monsters can't compete with a tricked-out PC. So keep things simple and straightforward, and I'm your man."

This may appear lazy or uncaring, but it's an understandable attitude. GMs are people too. So roll up a straightforward character who does things in a straightforward way, and enjoy a "Beer & Pretzels"-game.

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He means whatever it says on your Character sheet is meaningless.

Whatever the rules say is meaningless.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

He means whatever it says on your Character sheet is meaningless.

Whatever the rules say is meaningless.

Pretty much what I said on the identical thread earlier.

He apparently just doesn't care to learn most of the rules and doesn't want to fiddle with silly things like Feats, special powers and abilities, and magic items.

The way it's written, it looks like what he wants is "AFGNCAAP Adventure: The Game", except you don't even get to pick their class.

I suggest actually asking the guy to clarify.

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Player: I rolled a 20!

DM: Ha! Numbers are meaningless in my game! Success and failure are decided by me alone. You are defeated, for no other reason other than my fleeting whim.

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