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I have a question regarding the third party class, time thief.

On his 7th level, he gains a mote power saying that that "the time thief may spend a mote to reduce the duration of any negative condition or effect she is suffering. By accelerating the speed with which only the negative influences on her travel through time, the time thief can reduce the duration of any one condition, affliction, or spell effect by 1d6 rounds (to a minimum of 0). This increased to a 2d6 round reduction at 15th level."

Also, according to the The Genius Guide to the Time Thief and Time Warder, "using a mote is a free action, unless specified otherwise."

So, my question is if a time thief has some condition that impedes him from taking actions (for example, being Dazed), can he still use this mote power?

Thank you very much.

Since it is listed as requiring an action, and does not give an exception to conditions such as dazed and stunned, I would say you are correct that these conditions prevent you from using this ability.

I would point out though, that as a Su ability, you need to be prevented from taking mental actions. Both the aforementioned conditions do this, but something like Paralyzed would still afford this use.

Thank you very much, me and my DM weren't really sure about it.

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