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I first posted this in the General Discussion area, but I think that was the wrong place to post. I am still learning the forums and am unsure how to remove the post over there.

1. I recently purchased the Pathfinder Player Companion: Cohorts & Companions content for Hero Lab. I am trying to figure out how to work with the Construct Mount. Has it ever been clarified that it is or is not an Animal companion? The phrase is "This construct mount acts in most ways as a druid animal companion, using the character’s alchemist level as his effective druid level." Which apparently means that it functions like, but is not really, an animal companion? Hero Lab treats it as "not an animal companion, and therefore not counting as the animal companion class feature for feat or traits." It looks as though the archetype is not allowed in PFS, so there doesn't appear to be any luck finding out more about it there. I was hoping for some kind of official ruling or clarification I could link the HL developers to.

2. Mimic Fibers are the only non-magical means I have found to repair the Construct Mount before qualifying for the Craft Construct feat and pouring cash into it. It is not clearly stated what material the Construct Mount is made from. If it is not plainly stated as being wooden, is it okay to use an item like Mimic Fibers to repair it? The Construct creature type says they are a type of Animated Object, and the Animated Objects entry says "Unless an animated object uses a Construction Point to be made of another material, all animated objects are made of wood or material of equivalent hardness." But I am unsure if that line of rules is inherited by all constructs.

3. There is also an item called Mending Kit, but I think that it too might require the Craft Construct feat to make use of. If it would even work with the Construct Mount. Would you be using Craft(Alchemy) to use the kit, and would you need to have the Craft Construct feat?

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