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Alchemists should be like Adlet from Rokka no Yuusha

Have they done anything to make martials classes more relevant outside of combat?

proficiency and Armor class !!

Suggestion: Single action type for casting.

“If this were the final version of the game, what would I house rule and why?”

"Adventuring as a Wizard"

"Concentrate" Tag.

"Correct" Math vs Fun Math

"Dark" Version for Reading?

"Expert" / "Master" should make more of a difference

A "floating" 1st level feat, an idea to address some concerns about Ancestry, General, and other feats.

"Its just playtest, not finished" is not a good argument please stop making it.

"Level bonus is making differences at high level irrelevant", but actually no

"Lore" simply recreates the "Knowledge" problem.

"Size doesn't matter"

"The Options Are Limited And Generic"

(analysis / theory) action economy, multiple attacks, and low success rates

+1 per level on everithing?!?

1.3 - Treat Wounds - Stamina is still better

1.6 Alchemist Formulas, are they automatically leveled up?

1.6 mechanics speculation

1.6 Update about Shields: what does it mean?

1.7 ?

1st edition character conversion to 2nd edition

A 2 page condition quick reference chart...

2 Part - Necromancer / Expulsionist

2e appears not support a playstyle that 1e supported very well

2e Likes and Dislikes

2E Pathfinder at a Glance. Or "Bad News first"

2E's First AP

4E, Dissociated Mechanics, and a Please Reconsider...

5 Rules or Interactions that I feel need to be changed or clarified in the final product

18 in primary stat: design choice?

18 on any stat at first level

20 levels is wrong for PF2

Ability boosts

Ability Boosts are Awesome

Ability Score Generation

Ability Score Layout on the Character Sheet

Ability Scores

Ability Scores

Ability Scores aren't just +'s and Skills aren't 10-2 - Going back 30 years

About Item Damage part,i have some question

about that 2019 GenCon release date...

About the Roll20 character sheet

AC and ability score scaling

AC vs. TAC - what’s the difference

Accidentally Withholding Feedback Due To House Rules

Accuracy in General too Low for My Tastes

Action Economy, Feats, and Spell Slots - A Proposal

Action symbols

Activity spanning 2 Turns

Add a small chapter on Setting with Golarion and Homebrew sections

Add Guard as a basic action?

Add shared feat pools, tweak Fighter.

Add Tier: No need for cantrips and powers to scale with highest spell slot

Adding proficiency to Armor Class seems odd when unconscious!

Adjacency and diagonals?

Advanced Domain Power Costs Errors

Advancement Beyond 20th level

Adventure Path Recommendation?

A couple observations to consider for next edition

A crazy idea for combat customization: Fighting Styles

A crazy idea to make crits less swingy

A custom Pathfinder playtest character sheet!

A discussion of powers / focus spells

A Few Bomb Questions

A few questions after the second session

A few questions

A Heretical Suggestion for Healing and Resonance

A large swath of character classes are strictly at the GM's mercy to allow and literally banned for play in PFS starting from 1st level

A list of uses of Abilities

A little bit of positivity

A look on 1st level power level compared to commoner

A more realistic suggestion: proficiencies and class paths

A Mu Spore Walks into a bar... and nobody notices

A non-Rules Related Piece of Positive Feedback (Art work)

A pile of old characters, is it worth trying?

A Playtest Campaign: Varisia

A Possible Idea For Proficiency Bonus

A problem in Errata 1.1 and Death & Dying?

A problem with spell slot based spellcasting

A proposal for a different layout for the final book

A proposal for boosting success rates on skills for Master and Legendary characters without unbalancing the proficiency system as a whole

A proposal for changing the way proficiency and Difficulty class work for non-opposed challenges.

A proposed alternate rule for multiclass archetypes.

A question about play testing around obvious mistakes

A random guy's random thoughts.

A reminder to Paizo and players

A Request to Stop Calling Everything Feats

A Simple but Complex Fighter Based on PF1.

A simple question that needs to be answered in the book

A small (but important!) complaint about the small paragraph on "Faith"

A small but positive change - Age

A Solution to Some of the Playtest / PF2 Problems

A statement from Paizo would go a long way...

A Tale Of Dice Livestream

A Thought On Vs. Monster Checks

A unicorn's guide to understanding Proficiencies

A unicorn's perspective on the +1 to everything, or I think I am starting to get it.

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