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What are Perception DC, Reflex DC, & Will DC for monsters?

Wait, shields use both your action AND your reaction? What?!


Druid: What is Humanoid Transformation?

PSA: You're Probably Doing the Critical Rules wrong (I was!)

Nat 20 and Nat 1

Skill Feat: Intimidating Prowess

Fighter: Brutish Shove failure mode does not make sense. Typo?

Ki Rush is a bit confusing - can the monk do all that in one action?

survey and races you want to see.

Elves & Drow

Add +1 / 2 to the alchemist’s bomb damage and splash damage question

New Pathfinder 2nd edition podcast

What is the purpose of a Angelic Sorcerer?

Screen-reader Rulebook and black-and-white character sheet downloads now available!

PCs should get more skill increases

What Does a Deity-less Spiritual Weapon Look Like?

Dancing Leaf

Converted Rise of the Runelords Playtest

Number of Glyphs of Warding with Archetypes?

Grapple vs Fortitude?

Giant Totem's Large Weapons

Wild Druid form feats become obsolete even though they are required as prerequisites

Future Kinectist

Grappling and moving?

PFS2 - Bargain hunter feat

Alchemical Familiar?

Item slots still a problem

Monk Stance Attacks and Flurry of Blows

Pathbuilder 2e (android app)

Alchemist Advanced Alchemy Leveling

Ranger's Monster Hunter feat

Taking almost any feat multiple times

Succubus In Another Grapple

Untrained Armored Wizards vs Mage Armor

New Treasure Management Tool

AoE vs Flat DC

Paralyzed condition

How is ac calculated?

Persistent damage ?

Drawing Dual Weapons

Gorum, Dogma and Anathema

Regarding Phalanx Soldier and 2 handed weapons

The barbarian titan mauler is sketchy and needs clarification

Familiars are worse than useless

Kingmaker in 2nd Edition: Conversion!

What's the difference between arcane and occult?

Secret skill roll list?

Surprise round questions

A goblin and his dog vs PF2

Goblin Weapon Familiarity

Goblin Weapon Familiarity

How does Power Attack actually interact with weapon potency runes?

Character creation ends with mostly the same 18,16,14,12,10,8 build

Leaf Order Druid´s powers are too situational

Questions on character builds

Class Ability question - Cloistered Cleric and Bard

Catfolk Ancestry

Too restrictive cleric alignments?


Regarding Phalanx Soldier and 2 handed weapons

Can a Monk with Weapon Finesse use Deadly Accuracy on unarmed strike?

Weretouched Shifter Questions.

A Tale Of Dice Livestream

Two Weapon Fighting - Melee & Thrown attack in same round?

Adding spell effects to Bracers of Armor

Update 1.6 ... Where is it now?

Some Art

Where's the Bestiary?

Steelbound Fighter Spell Selection

Body Bludgeon Feat, Refine Improvised Weapon Spell

Magic bow + other magic arrow Question

Simple question regarding Smite in 2e

Total failure for both of the weekly groups I run

Ki Strike, Ki Rush and Monk Spell points

Need a plate upgrade

Converting a Tempest Cleric to Pathfinder

How to know DC to discover properties on a Magic Item

do skills stack

What is a light Siege Engine?

Gnome barbarian and magic crafting

what kind of Siege weapons can a Wyrm Sniper Archtype use?

Lv 5 melee cleric

Legendary in Light Armor

[Custom Brewing] Muted Magics, Improved Muted Magics

Rulebook Feedback

HellKnight Disciplines Question

Heightening Powers above "spell" level 9

Can you choose a feat of a lower level?

Ki strike and Ki rush

Empowered Bombs Question

Use Magic Device skill as a Sorcerer

Enchanting spells onto items

New player spellcaster

Ranged and Melee Spell Attacks Question: Which Stat modifiers do spellcasters use?

Apocalypse Box

Question about Melee Touch Attack Spells

Well, that was fast

Tiefling ancestry feats (homebrew)

Share your Ancestry / Heritage Feat ideas.

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