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Lv 5 melee cleric

Hunter companion tricks

Black Plains: Concept for one-book adventure (WARNING: VERY LONG)

Does my player need spell components to cast a spell on a scroll he found?

Pathfinder White Haired Witch Redone Balanced?

Darkness vs light

Level one sorcerer.

Eye, Veiled

Metamorph Archetype / Master Chymist?

Death knight

Polymorph familiar

2 Part - Necromancer / Expulsionist

Kingmaker Leadership Hierarchy

Goliath Druid Question

Undine Druid 1st level

What is a Yamenhulk?

How does tripping work?

Air School Wizard

Summoner's Idol & Eidolons?

Making a Railway on Golarion (Scenario)

DM Newbie, small party finding CR1 encounters hard.

PF2 Launch Slate Announced!

Wild Speculation About Preview Topics and Schedule

storm sylph wizard

storm sylph wizard

Masked Maiden Vigilante archetype question

Idea for a society character - feedback wanted

Fighter build with Cornugon Smash and Hurtful

Android alternative racial traits

Gnome Wizard with Pyromaniac and Produce Flame

Mindwyrm Mesmerist

What is a non-spell effect? ID Magic Items

Summoning Weird Situations

Laws of Golarion

Smite evil on other players

Im a newer gm and need to know if I should ban kineticist

Body Snatcher & Capstone

Help with an Alchemist / Magus multiclass

dual wielding two handed weapons w / prehensile hair

Healing potion Feat Question

Clarification of amount of spells one can have and cantrips

I need help finding a Good illustration

Book of the Damned

Best Ranger / Archer from level 1- 20

GMs, Help! Spell Durations & Death

Help with a Sniper Build

Rifle with integrated weapon.

Performance to Intimidate

Help with Feat and Ability Plan for a Kineticist

An Analysis of the 1.6 Paladin Variants

Need help with some ideas on Fighting encounters that are roleplayed!

Aroden the Martyr! [In-Game Conspiracy Theory]

Shaman / hexcaster magus

Looking for what the best spells (in a general sense) to chose immunity from with Greater Spell Immunity

Wilding Druid (With Archetype)

Instant Armor spell + Fortified Armor Training feat

How Fast Pull a Cart up a Zip line?

Nat 1 and 20 on skills

Scaling Skill Feats: A Catfall for each skill

Advanced Race Guide - Racial Traits

Rogue Question

Current skill system extremly static and boring! Solution Talent instead of Ability affect skill!

So, What does Pathfinder Mean to You?

How I'm using UTEML and why I love the concept

Summon Monster Action Economy

Open discussion about the possibility of continued Paizo support for P1e (inc. PFS)

Don't Like Threads Locked on First Sight

Hulk sad.

Question on Student of the Stone Oread Archetype

thoughts on class changes

Dominion of the Black Cult domains

Proposal: Broader, more customized Backgrounds.

Vanguard Hustle doesnt make sense to me but id like to use it

Cantrips vs Cantrips

Let's talk about Exploration Mode: What do you want from it? How it can be improved?

Liberator paladins are problematic, and also, Channel Life is one of the strongest feats ever for paladins and paladin-multiclassers

CR readvisement?

presenting Pathfinder (d)2 Edition

Ki leech. Does every living kreature have Ki points ? or are there exceptions ?

How many characters should a "newb" play with?

It's a trap!

Skill DC scaling

Khala Breath Weapon Questions

Magical weapons in PF2 are actually magical.

missing iconic magic items and other items are just no fun anymore

Suggestion: Middle ground between "AoO for all" and "AoO for select few"

Developing for Pathfinder 2e (The Gunslinger)

Fulfilling the promise of Resonance & Focus: a proposal

Dirty tricks

Elves / Half-elves and Elf Step

Please separate names for Circumstance and Conditional

What a can of worms!

My main concern with Focus activated Powers

Mounted combat, size and reach

kineticist elemental whisper (familiar) wild talent: need clarification

The DC chart is a bit of a trap.

Cure Wounds alternative idea

Reason why damage on magic items bothers me

The 'problem' with CLW wand spam

Land speed of a laden camel?

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