Playing the Game

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Gorum, Dogma and Anathema

Grappling and moving?

Supplemental Rules Compendium

Familiars and wands

Shield mechanic - Suggestion

Taking cover

Finesse weapon

First compositions for a Bard

Laws of Golarion

Casting Spells in Armor: no penalty whatsoever?

Why no "manipulating" exploration tactic?

Question: Poison while unconscious / dying

Please separate names for Circumstance and Conditional

Circumstance and Conditional

Paralyzed Enemy

HP tanking seems much more viable this edition.


Taking out scroll

Bonuses to Increase Assist action

Persistent Damage is very rough

Quick Condition

Hardest hitting class

[Suggestion] Alternate Dying Rules

Playtest Report: Treat Wounds and Rest

Aiding in Intimidation

Combat initial thoughts

Sneak attack and backstabber precision damage

Increasing Aura spells radius

Prone vs AoO

Cast A Spell versus Attack of Opportunity

Spell DCs

Wound and Dying - How do you get the "Wounded" condition?

Provoking AOO's

Unarmored proficiency to calculate AC

Sneak attack and critical hits

The shield+lance cavalier seems kind of dysfunctional.

Enemy saving throws

Spellcasting Action Types: Two Somatic in a turn?

Start of Combat and Reactions

Melee attacks against a grabbing / restraining creature's appendage, and grabbers / restrainers vs. Resilient Sphere and Wall of Force

Let's talk about Exploration Mode: What do you want from it? How it can be improved?

Verticality and flanking

The rules for resting and daily preparations seem broken and overpowered, especially for spellcasters

"Mount" Special Ability location?

Feel like mobility isn't rewarded

Flanking Change Suggestion

How much to buy a spell?

How much Bulk can a horse carry, including the rider?

Rules Question - Affliction Stages

Character dying recovery

Snares - Useless?

Prone / unconscious creatures and screening; also, movement through an "incapacitated" creature's space

How many characters should a "newb" play with?

Shield boss / spike with Returning Rune

Initiative order for multiple PCs being knocked out by the same creature

Many dice make for slow play

Reduce 2H Non-Piercing Accuracy

Spell Manifestations Clarifications Needed

Do you think resonance will help magic items feel more "special?"

Death and Dying 1.5

Let's talk about the Basic Conditions. All of them from Accelerated to Unseen. The good, the bad, the ugly.

An idea i had for proficiency, just my 2 cents.

Ready and triggers

It must be that time of the month again: artifically inflated DCs & +level to checks.

Flat Checks and Persistent Damage

Raise a Shield and Superstition = Boring

Leveling skill proficiencies and magic weapon damage dice have the same resolution

Changing the proficiency numbers

What happens when your single-target spell has an inappropriate target?

What can a level one party handle RotR 2nd Edition.

Drawing, Preparing, Throwing a Bomb

Ditching Imperial & Fahrenheit

Fighting while swimming

Slowed after Unconscious 1.3

MAP reset by non-attack action

Treat Wounds: Great job Paizo. Where from here?

Animal companions, familiars, and 0 hit points

Can Rituals Be Stopped Before Completion?

Infusions for Aether seems to suck at low level

A Request for Counteracting Condition Examples

Request: Combat Manuevers Referenced in Basic Actions

Leap of Faith

Moving a creature who is grabbed

Initiative Change At Unconciousness

Treat Wounds fixed daily healing... what about the same for spell slots?

Encumbered stacking with armor penalty?

PF2 Combat Maneuvers Discussion

Stealth, invisibility, and silence

Wizard Identifying Spells

Getting an item

Encumbered Doesn't Apply to Padded or Leather

Question: definition of threatening?

Small piddly circumstance bonuses being so widespread is bad for the game.

Shield Mechanics, how do they actually work?

Screening and Cover

Multiple Weapons, MAP, and Agile

"Mount" - Why so limited?

Proficiency vs Level Bonus

Easy Recovery Saving Throws (...and something very wrong!!!)

When do you find out about an enemy's ability to AoO?

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