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This is a difficult topic and as I will come to understand more of things as the play test goes on one thing I noticed right away is how well Resonance is going to fix the Cha problem but nothing touches the Int problem.

To start Cha has been a common dump stat for a long time in many groups as far as I am aware (Pathfinder). But so too has Int. There were just no real mechanical advantages for fighter type characters to really have any of either.

The new Resonance mechanic I think really helps bring Cha to the front of everyone mind when making characters of every class which is very cool. It means you really struggle with that choice of saving throw bonus or more Resonance.

However I still find Int very underrated. Yes it gives us more trained skills and maybe a language but what does it do? There really is no mechanic for it after character creation that I can see yet for non Int focused classes. And I would really love to see something that makes everyone think "Hmm do I want more of that for my secondary stats?"

This is not an easy concept as it touches on core mechanics but I would love to see more for the intelligent Paladin and the like.

*I can already see that skills are much more powerful in this game and play testing will help but this is good food for thought.

Int is used for crafting
Crafting is used for repairs

anyone with a shield well gets dents
dents if unrepaired break shields
new shields cost money
repairing shields is cheap

so int is a not a dump stat because you as a fighter or paladin or any other style that will use a shield will need to repair their shields themselves unless you have a GM who maxes out treasure rewards.

Interesting, Thank you I had not explored crafting yet. That does indeed sound helpful. Not sure it will compensate but definitely sounds helpful. I look forward to seeing it in play.

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