"Adventuring as a Wizard"


So the beginning of each class' chapter has two sections, called Playing a [Class] (focusing on the mechanical side of what you do during each of the possible modes of play) and Roleplaying a [Class] (how you do things roleplay/fluff-wise).

Except for Wizard, where the first section is called Adventuring as a Wizard.
Breaking the pattern for...approximately no discernible reason?

It's just so jarring and aesthetically displeasing, to have one (1) class break up the pattern like that.

This rather uncalled-for pattern break aside, I really like those sections as they talk about what you do from both a rollplaying perspective and a roleplaying perspective - a great way to introduce someone to a class. And the descriptions of how others might view a certain class are also a really nice touch (showing the good and the bad, too). So big props there!
Just please, change the title of that section so it stays consistent with the rest of the classes.

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