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Early copies, spoilers, and the fate of this board

Welcome to the Pathfinder Playtest Messageboard!

What's the over / under odds on website meltdown when 2E is released?

Paizo Blog: Playtesting the Game

Argh, the layout.

A pile of old characters, is it worth trying?

HeroLab for Pathfinder 2.0 ?

Is the problem unlimited use of consumables or out of combat unlimited healing?

Interpreting Resonance

Bestiary entries in the Playtest?

Where is the page we'll be able to download the playtest PDF?

sorcerer problems with free heightening and a possible solution

Paizo Blog: Multiclassing and Archetypes

So whats happening with all the Iconics?

Subraces for Half-Elf / Half-Orc ancestries?

Magus in PF2e

Goblins and halflings

When is the next blog?

Can shields only take 3 hits

coveting current running 1st edition games for play test?

Paizo Blog: Sorcerer Class Preview

59 minutes

Universal archetypes you'd like to have.

2nd edition woes

Paizo Blog: Bard Class Preview

When exactly will the Playtest be released?

Orcs for CRB

Most monsters could use some rider effects on their attacks to spice things up

Paizo Blog: Common Ground

The Lone Rogue

How do retraining rules affect our valuation of options?

The pirate archetype seems too situational even in Skull & Shackles

Should sorcerers really be designed to be item-reliant?

GenCon pickup details?

[Endzeitgeist] Countdown to PF Playtest / PF 2, Part III – General Hopes for Classes / Spellcasting

Multiclass ability score prerequisites should be lowered, and level advancement should raise all ability scores


Future classes - which are still even necessary? And what new ones could there be?

PFS influence of PF2 rules

Pirate feats and archtype

Bestiary Talk (Rules Focus)

How to Not use Resonance?

Your Top 5 Archetypes

Paizo Blog: Born of Two Worlds

The missing feats and the easy solution (high level play)


Vanilla homebrew playtesting

What are you planning on playtesting?

Homebrewing, Houseruling, and Playtest Feedback.

Looking forward to Play testing instead of theory crafting

[W] damage multipliers stacking

What do Non casters get to compare with Spells?

Wildly inappropriate questions about PF 2E

What about Str=DR?

All About Actions, Again

Multiclassing V.S. Archetypes: What's the difference?

Expanded Multi Class feats idea

Wise Elves, Crafty Dwarves

Spell lists in 2E

What do we know about the four essences?

Martial Lowdown: A Prep Guide

Paizo Blog: Running the Game

Esoteric, but Iconic, Builds: A Prep Guide

A Newbie Guide to PF2 Data

Sneak attacking with spells

The Fate of Strength Rogues

Monk Strebgth to AC

Help me build my first pathfinder playtest character!

Rehosting playtest ( / 2E) content?

Losing Gracefully

What do we know about combat maneuvers?


summoned monsters

A DEX-to-Damage Proposal that should make everyone happy

Martial character idea from a custom monster

Surveys and Email / Online requirements

Multi-classing: what would we like, what can we expect and what do we know?

First section you are going to turn to when the Playtest drops?

Paizo Blog: Ranger Class Preview

Which Class are you most concerned about? Which is the least you are concerned for?

Playtest schedule confusion

Paizo Blog: Druid Class Preview

It’s shipped

Top of your post CRB wishlist?

Idea for a Half Ancestry Ancestry

Specific improvised weapons as deific weapons?

Jolly Halfling Bard: three one-action cantrips and Haste for a sling attack.

A mechanic view of the mechanics by a mechanic.

Universal Spell Casting

ranger hunt target analysis

Things We Are Liking So Far

Bulk in the new game

Is a class feat worth 2 ancestry feats

Heightened spells

2E wishlist: PFS specific PRD instead of Additional Resources

Things You are Disappointed We Never Got From PF1 (And as such hope to see in PF2)

Recommended number of players for Doomsday Dawn and the playtest Pathfinder Society scenarios?

Pathfinder 2E Readability and Formatting

Who plans to still play 1E after 2E?

Concerned about the math

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