Advanced Domain Power Costs Errors

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On pg. 73 it lists the Advanced Domain Powers and their costs to use.

The majority of the powers have a listed cost of (1) or (2).

Nine of the powers have a listed cost of (3):

Dreaming Potential (3)
Word of Freedom (3)
Lucky Break (3)
Retributive Pain (3)
Safeguard Secret (3)
Wanderer's Guile (3)
Master's Illusion (3)
Glimpse the Truth (3)
Prepare for Battle (3)

In the spell descriptions later in the book however, all those powers are listed as having a cost of Power 2.

Either the chart or the descriptions must be wrong (or I am misinterpreting something).

- Also the Might Domain Advanced Power is listed in the chart as 'Enduring Strength', whereas in the spell description section it is 'Enduring Might'.

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