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So I realize one of the big reasons to have 4 ability boosts is to have everyone's scores extremely close to each other, however that doesn't mean it isn't awesome. Each INT boost is another trained skill and every CON boost is like a free toughness feat. In PF1e INT on a fighter is rarely boosted. In PF2 it's going to be in competition with charisma for my characters. This is something I didn't realize with the rules but is something I am very much a fan of.

The soft cap of 18 also means I'm unlikely to boost my non-primary stat beyond it which my other scores are going to be pretty high.

Didn't see a thread to post this thought in, so I made this one. I am very happy with how ability scores are being handled in PF2e.

This is reminiscent of Starfinder, and I loved the rule there. My players love it too. I think it's a hit.

I think I would prefer it if the boosts came every 4 levels, even if that means skipping the L20 boost or some other restriction, but otherwise I'm a fan.

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