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Hey all, since this is a core rule book it has to serve many masters and while I think it's very good there is more Golarion stuff in the core rules (in fact I think it's kinda necessary). I think some nods should be given to the homebrewers among us.

The best way to do that I think would be a small chapter that gives an overview of the Golarion setting and its high fantasy, kitchen sink approach to things. This should be very high level and give a quick run through of the continents and then a few lines on nation and region. The planes and other planets should be mentioned but not delved into. Basically this should be a bit of an informative advert for all the setting and adventure content that Paizo publishes to support Golarion. (To learn more..)

Then a similar amount of page space should be given to "What if you don't want to play in Golarion!". A quick discussion of some of the setting assumptions that inform the core rules (such as Ancestral Hatred, level of technology, high magic etc.) and advice on how to a GM might take or tweak or modify the rules and build their own world and classes etc. This also shouldn't be very in depth as a later Game Mastering product is where this should be really delved into.

I'd love a later Game Mastering book to really delve into the reasoning behind design decisions of Pathfinder 2e and thoughts on how those reasons might not apply to a different setting (low fantasy, no gods, post apocalyptic etc.) but that's a different topic. :).

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That's way too much info to shove into the Core Book, in 1st edition they split that info into 2 books, the Inner Sea World Guide and the Gamemastery Guide. Including a tiny section on both wouldn't really be of much help to anyone. To make them useful would eat up too much page count from other things in the book.

I think there's a lot of value in a small chapter. It wouldn't be there for in depth information. It would be there to

* Acknowledge both different styles of play that the CRB would be used for. I'm a pre published adventure GM but I honestly worry that putting a lot of Golarion into the CRB will turn off home brewers and acknowledgement goes a long way to assure people that the product is for them too!

* Point people towards ISWG 2 and GMG 2 as places people can go to get the in depth information that they are interested in. Assure people those are optional of course!

Something on Golarion would be nice if only to assist on character creation, after all we are not generating statlines, we are making characters. Golarion is what keeps me and my group coming back to the table despite really not liking PF2E and its direction. The setting is absolutely great and should be showcased in the core book, if not a chapter at least a couple pages with the general layout, politics, etc...of the nations that make up the inner sea.

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I honestly don't care about Golarion, and have never run a game in Paizo's setting. I have coopted pieces of adventure paths, but always plugged them into my own settings.

I wish they'd extract it a bit from the game. When I'm running the playtest it keeps telling me how all the dates are relative to random events in the world that I neither know nor care about. It could be self contained.

It's much easier to know a setting that you've designed yourself, which is important as a GM. Furthermore, it lets me build around lore that I find really cool and interesting, rather than something I find dull.

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