Skills, Feats, Equipment & Spells

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Skill Feat: Intimidating Prowess

What Does a Deity-less Spiritual Weapon Look Like?

Number of Glyphs of Warding with Archetypes?

Grapple vs Fortitude?

Taking almost any feat multiple times

What's the difference between arcane and occult?

Regarding Phalanx Soldier and 2 handed weapons

Can a Monk with Weapon Finesse use Deadly Accuracy on unarmed strike?

Two Weapon Fighting - Melee & Thrown attack in same round?

Adding spell effects to Bracers of Armor

Body Bludgeon Feat, Refine Improvised Weapon Spell

What is a light Siege Engine?

[Custom Brewing] Muted Magics, Improved Muted Magics

Heightening Powers above "spell" level 9

Can you choose a feat of a lower level?

Ki strike and Ki rush

Use Magic Device skill as a Sorcerer

Enchanting spells onto items

Ranged and Melee Spell Attacks Question: Which Stat modifiers do spellcasters use?

Question about Melee Touch Attack Spells

Questions about the Druid Spell: "Spellstaff"

Players expect climb speed in Pest Form

"You can use staves, but only for spells of a spell level you can cast." Dedication Qs.

Reincarnate spell gone?

Darkness vs light

Bestow Curse on the daily rutine

How to make heavy armor worth it

What are the current Proficiency Modifers? Update 1.6 doesn't say...

Polymorph familiar

Unskilled labor unable to live at Subsistence Cost of Living

Goliath Druid Question

Worg cohort help

I kind of wish skill increases couldn't make skills trained.

Captain Morgan's Revised Skill Feats

The Avatar State

Trickle down Alchemy Economics

Phantom Steed questions

Rewritten Snare Rules

Kineticist Infusion DC Boost

Casting Slow on quickened

Effect of Skill Ranks on Skill usage

Barbarians and thrown wrapons

Resonance Points - Other suggestions

Feat / movespeed rule clarification

Noble Background - Lore & feat really don't work together?

Time Stop question

Hardy + Fast Recovery

Enchanted Staffs and attack spells

Multiclass Dedication Feat Pretequisite

How does feats like Swipe and power attack work?

Nondetection spell

Gnome Wizard with Pyromaniac and Produce Flame

Summon Monster weak

Elixir onset times feel really wonky.

Heavy steel shield

Summoning Weird Situations

Rough rider feat

Weapon Cards

What do you use for Persuasion attempts and Skill Checks?


Healing potion Feat Question

Clarification of amount of spells one can have and cantrips

Rework how proficiencies work.

Is Weapon Property Damage Multiplied

Class Powers mixed with Spells

Weapon Groups

On Vancian casting

Automatic success means you can't ever leave a prisoner alone

Weapon traits

Alternate Disarm Implementation?

Dinosaur Fort Discussion

Weakened grip effect on disarm Success should be higher

Out of the loop for a few months: Whatever happened to the promise of truly mighty feats of skill?

Recall Knowledge

How I'm using UTEML and why I love the concept

The general feats chapter needs work.

PF2 Arcane Focus is a big step back from PF1 Bonded Object

Proficiency and runes

GMs, Help! Spell Durations & Death

Sanctuary spell

Does ACP really need to exist?

Burn It interaction with Summon Monster

I Want More Cantrips that Don't Require Attack Rolls

Class Feats that don't provide enough of a boost

Enervation clarity

How does Lingering Composition work

Good ways to use this

Anyone have any experience with Scribe Scroll?

Rifle with integrated weapon.

Expanded Spell list

Savage Slice Question

Summon Monster

Detect Magic Sonar

Would it be bad it Aid Another just took highest roll?

Musical Instruments

Concentrating on a Spell

Another Question on Double Slice.

Help with Feat and Ability Plan for a Kineticist

Weapon Surge question

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