1.6 Update about Shields: what does it mean?

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Hi everybody: I'm trying to understand the 1.6 update and FAQ about Shields. So far I understood that now shields can take a maximum of 1 dent per hit they receive as a result of a Parry with the Shield, right? In the FAQ about shields, p. 29 of 1.6 update, it is written: "Note that it no longer gets broken due to the update": what does it mean? Does it mean that shields can't be broken anymore when used to parry incoming blows? If so, why?
Furthermore, can I increase the Hardiness of a Shield?
Many thanks!

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It used to be possible for a shield to take two dents and break from a single hit. If you never raise an already dented shield, then it will never break.

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No, shields can still get broken. But this update clarifies that you can't break a shield with 0 Dents in a single blow. This corrects the text found on p. 175 of the playtest rulebook:

Playtest Rulebook wrote:
If an item takes damage equal to or exceeding the item's Hardness, the item takes a Dent. if the item takes damage equal to or greater than twice its Hardness in one hit, it takes 2 Dents. For instance, a wooden shield (Hardness 3) that takes 10 damage would take 2 Dents.
Update 1.6 wrote:
So if you had a Hardness 3 shield and blocked a 6-damage attack, you would take 3 damage and the shield would take 1 Dent because 6 damage is equal to or greater than its Hardness. Note that it no longer gets broken due to the update.

In other words, the "it" in the sentence you're asking about refers to the specific example in the previous sentence (a 3-Hardness shield blocking a 6-damage attack)—not shields generally. It's saying that that specific shield no longer gets broken under the new rule (unlike under the rule and example stated on p. 175 of the rulebook)

As I recall the playtest rulebook had a few contradictory examples regarding this kind of thing, and the rules update corrected: you can only ever get 1 dent per shield block, no matter how much damage the strike deals.

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