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I’ve been creating characters for PF2, in anticipation of participating in the Play Test when our current campaign is concluded. The first character I made was a Fighter, for my ability scores I wanted a high Strength, Dexterity for Armor Class / Reflex, and Constitution for Hit Points / Fortitude, and Wisdom for Will. I wanted him to be a crafter which is Intelligence based, so I decided to sacrifice my Wisdom.
STR 18 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 10 CHA 10

My second character was a Rogue. I needed Dexterity for Armor Class / Reflex / Hit / Damage, still needed Constitution for Hit Points / Fortitude and Wisdom for Will. I wanted him to demoralize opponents (and knowing that a +1 means a lot in this system) decided I wanted a 16 Charisma.
STR 10 DEX 18 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 16

If I had wanted a 16 Intelligence on my fighter, in order to be a really “good” crafter (or multi-class Wizard) -- it would have required a large sacrifice in my other important ability scores. Rogues, because they are so Dexterity-based, have “extra room” to allocate ability scores, ditto for “caster” Clerics. As I advanced my Rogue and Fighter to higher level, I noted that the Rogue could cleanly assign his ability boosts to the abilities he cared about (DEX,CON,CHA,WIS); while the Fighter had to sacrifice one of his desired abilities at each boost.

> Change Will Saves to be based on the better of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.
> Remove extra Skills from Intelligence (I’m super smart, thus I’m trained in Athletics?!?)
> Remove the Resonance modifier from Charisma (everyone gets 3 + Level?)

In the Play Test book Will Saves are described as “to resist effects that target the mind and personality”; that doesn’t scream Wisdom to me, in fact on the same page -- Charisma is defined as “This score measures your character’s strength of personality,”….

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