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Arcane Spellcasters in PF2E – quo vadis?

Paizo Blog: The Resonance Test

While +1 / level is a problem, removing it alone is not a solution.

Trying to understand removing +level from untrained proficiency

Level bonus, explain why we need it

Errata questions

Paizo Blog: Halfway to Doomsday

Paizo Blog: Positives and Negatives

Our group is also bowing out of the playtest - and reasons why

Is it too late to go back to the drawing board?

Jason on Know Direction (Jan 16th)

Paizo Blog: Shining Lights and Dark Stars

And PF2 just lost us...

Twitch 9-21: Preview of Rules Update 1.3

The Main Problem of PF2

Paizo Blog: Forging the Heroes of Undarin

Paizo Blog: Sending Your Heroes to the Mirrored Moon

I do not see the rhyme or reason behind 2e's rarity system.

Deadmanwalking's Reaction Thread

Paizo Blog: The Prestige

Can Someone Explain What's Going On?

Top 5 things to expect for the final edition. Paizo Stream 21 / 12 / 18

First Knee-Jerk Reaction

Ranger discussion spillover from Know Direction thread...

"Correct" Math vs Fun Math

Twitch Stream (Nov 9th)

Anyone else disappointed there are no more Neutral Clerics of Evil Deities?

All these TPKs. Curious:

Deadmanwalking's Main Problem With PF2

My biggest problem with +1 / level

4E, Dissociated Mechanics, and a Please Reconsider...

Spoilers on Update 1.5 from the Twitch Stream

Paizo Blog: Ongoing Changes

What about having "remove +1 / level" as an optional rule, at least?

Paizo Blog: On the Road to Sombrefell Hall!

my future here

Spellcasters Underwhelming ?

Paizo Blog: Ancestry and Class Surveys

What do we want Martial characters to be capable of?

[Closed] The new wounded condition and monsters dead-set on eliminating a dying PC

Dead Before Start

Live Stream Notes with 1.6 previews

1.3 - Treat Wounds - Stamina is still better

Reasons why I no longer trust Paizo to produce 2E

[Closed] Non-Binary Gender Inclusion but with a Contradiction

How important is balance?

If you could change just 1 character in the Playtest Rules...

Interesting topic over on reddit.

What do Rituals add to the game?

Meaningful customization

Paizo Blog: Raising the Flag

Playing a Tanky Fighter doesn't feel so good.

Do anyone think that Healers should be obligatory in parties?

Dex to Damage (Again)

Please Don't Call it "Thievery"

Paizo Blog: Your First Adventure

What 3 things do you love / hate the most about 2e playtest so far?

Slot Restrictions, Resonance. Are any magic item restrictions relevant anymore?

Hear our Plea(s)

It just.... does not feel awesome

Class Feats are my group's biggest problem with PF2e

Is anyone else having trouble maintaining group morale now that the playtest has appeared? (Also, I am recruiting)

Paizo Blog: The Pathfinder Playtest is Closed!

Bad Gorum

On the topic of Hit Points Healing -- What about Stamina?

Could the Gods use an update?

"The Options Are Limited And Generic"

Twitch Stream - 15 / 09 / 2018

My personal, belated thoughts on 2nd edition playtest

Pros and Cons of Table 10-2: Skill DCs

Why I dislike where 2E's Multiclassing is going

How resonance destroys a game with a single roll of the dice

Semi-Complete List of Things that Used to be Available to Everyone that are Now Class Locked

Can magic items be useful and martials still be awesome?

Accuracy in General too Low for My Tastes

Initial Thoughts

Pathfinder Playtest is actually MORE complicated than PF1E

Can We Stop Saying "Treadmill" Like It's a Bad Thing?

So, Hard Caps on numbers....

What I'm Looking For in 2e

[Closed] Is it wrong to play monsters in an optimal & deadly fashion

Honest questions to those who like 2e

Why the change in gold?

2E's First AP

Status of Golarion in New Edition?

Does Spellcasting need a broader rethink?

Permanent negative status effects are awful

2e appears not support a playstyle that 1e supported very well

Post Gen Con Update

Can we get blogs from the designers about design intent?

[Closed] The Problem With "Gaming Is For All"

If you could only pick one class...

News from Paizo Twitch 17 / 08 / 18 - Mark Seifter

Please concentrate your 2E histrionics in this thread...

Treat Wounds DC shouldn't be tied to Level

some information

Cannot React to Reactions: The Problem with Martial Reactions

The Customization Bottleneck

Why is Perception no longer a skill? (Plus related questions & suggestions...)

Excessive politics in rulebook, will it be in the final version?

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