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Okay, so there are a few questions I have about how bombs work in play:

First, splash damage. I've seen a few comments on the forum referring to it "being clarified that the direct target of a bomb takes splash damage as well". Is this to mean that, say, I throw a Liquid Ice and hit someone, they take 1d4+1 damage instead of just 1d4, or is it just clarifying that if you miss (but not crit miss), your direct target still takes splash damage, not just other creatures within the blast range?

I had assumed the latter but I would love it to be the former. Plus the latter has the odd situation where you could throw an Acid Flask at a foe with 1 HP left and if you hit he wouldn't die until the end of his next turn (Since the flask only deals persistent damage), but if you missed then the splash would kill him then and there?

(That actually prompts another quick question, if someone is hit with persistent damage, do they take the damage then AND at the end of each turn, or none on the initial hit, only at the end of his turns? I had assumed the latter, but again unsure)

Second, if you crit with an Acid Flask, does it double the persistent damage each time it procs? Similar question for other effects that have persistent damage tacked on. Seems awfully strong if it does. Though if I'm wrong about he previous note and persistent damage does damage on the initial hit that's easier to infer, presumably it would do double on the persistent damage but not later procs I guess?

Third, the Goblin's Burn It feat. Does it apply its bonus to the splash damage of bombs? I know it doesn't up persistent damage (beyond the +1 granted specifically to persistent fire damage by the feat), but I don't know about splash. Now if the answer to my first question is that direct bomb hits also add their splash damage, I assume it would still only get the bonus once, similar to Dangerous Sorcery.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer these! I've had an Alchemist in my 1/4/7 Doomsday Dawn party and it's only coming up here in part 7 just how many little things I'm unsure about with bombs. They've proved to be an awesome feature, even with the less-favorable rulings of these questions, but I still need to figure this stuff out.

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