A proposal for a different layout for the final book

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It has been said many times that both play and character creation is much more painful than it should be, because you spend so much more time hopping between different pages in single big book book.

I think this can be reduced by doing the following: print a package of several smaller books (AP sized, softcovers) enclosed in a GM screen, held together with shrink wrap in store.

Consider the following layout
A) a 4+spacer panel GM screen:


where P indicates a full sized panel, | indicates a fold, and S is a spacer panel (approximately 1.5" across). The outer 2 panels folding in makes a U shape to contain the smaller books for shrink wrapping and transport/display. Obviously, the inner panel sides would be printed with useful tables for the DM (the final version of table 10-2 for example), the outer panels with artwork, and print PATHFINDER 2 vertically (in appropriate font on the spacer panel.

B) A set of 32-96 page small books, softbound inside the U:
1) Spells (and powers) Chapter
2) Equipment and Treasure chapters
3) The Character creation chapters (Ancestry, Backgrounds and Classes)
4) Skills and Feats
5) The gameplaying chapters

Obviously, Paizo would have to look at the publishing economics, but big hardcovers are expensive to print (as opposed to softcovers).

I don't use a GM screen so that part of The Proposal is lost on me... But in general I think this is a great idea. Kudos.

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The GM screen Paizo made for 1e was incredibly helpful to me when I was first starting out, and I really hope Paizo makes a new one for 2e.

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I would like the class to be the first thing in the character creation chapter, because everyone i know chooses the class they want to play first, then looks what race ability modifiers supports this best and then which background rounds it out.

I know that in real life, people would get born as a member of a race, then have a background and later choose a class/job to work in, but that isn't how it works in rpgs.

While i like the idea of seperating the different chapters into some smaller books, i don't think it will happen.
Every player optimally needs his/her own book to be able to look up the different aspects for their character.

I could see a seperation into a Player's Handbook & Game Master's Handbook or smaller books for each class seperately, but one Core Rulebook makes the most sense, even if you have lots of stuff in it that you will never use or only read once (what is a roleplaying game, i am looking at you).

What totally would make sense is a "Base Rules" & Advanced Player's Guide".

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