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“If this were the final version of the game, what would I house rule and why?”

[Request] No threats of leaving or requests go away

[Release] Pathfinder Playtest Form-Fillable Pdf

[RAW] Damaging objects is either impossible or broken

[Pathfinder 2e- 1.6 Errata] Hunter's Edge Clarification

[Pathfinder 2e - 1.6 Errata] Lay on Hands, unintended nerf?

[For Paizo specifically] What direction will you take to make more content?

[Doomsday Dawn spoilers] Playtesting support for adventure styles other than dungeon crawling?

[Closed] The Problem With "Gaming Is For All"

[Closed] The Playtest looks suspiciously like D&D 4e to me

[Closed] The new wounded condition and monsters dead-set on eliminating a dying PC

[Closed] Power Attack and Troubling Dev Behavior: A Case Study

[Closed] Non-Binary Gender Inclusion but with a Contradiction

[Closed] Is it wrong to play monsters in an optimal & deadly fashion

[Closed] Ancestry sections make this game literally unplayable

Z Reviews the Races

Your mystery guy's Feedback.

Your favorite things!

Your 5 Things you want Paizo to reinstate / keep from Pathfinder 1st Edition?

You Reach A Three-Way Branch

Yet one more group down

yet another weapon scaling alternative

Would be helpful to have keywords / traits in bold

World of Pathfinder? Open Letter

Wording on stunned

wording of the Pathfinder Playtest

Wording in the rulebook vs design intent

wizards in armor

Wizard guides?

Wizard & Mage Armor & Unarmored Defense

Will we have Paizo Friday's today?

Will there be a link to Surveys?

Will current version books and other material still be produced?

Wild Speculation About Preview Topics and Schedule

Why Would an Ex Fan be Interested in the Playtest? Heres Why.

Why the change in gold?

Why The Ability Score Cap At First Level?

why should i move to PF2?

Why PF2e isn't as bad as you thought it would be?

Why not ditch weapon categories of simpe / martial / exotic?

Why no more 6 level casters?

Why is the untrained bonus negative?

Why is the bastard sword piercing only?

Why is Perception no longer a skill? (Plus related questions & suggestions...)

why is my email on the pdf

Why is gripping a weapon with 2-hands an action with a sword but not a bow?

Why I worry that the things I like about PF2 might be "bad".

Why I dislike where 2E's Multiclassing is going

Why does everything make you flat-footed?

Why do these rules hate fun?

Why did they bring back criticals?

Why are we still using Alignment?

Why are the basic rules on Playing the game burried near the end of the rulebook?

Why are ancestry feats not organized by level?

Who has been at your Playtest table?

While +1 / level is a problem, removing it alone is not a solution.

While +1 / level is a great feature, it's not the only one

Where's the Bestiary?

Where to download?

Where is the new playtest board?

Where is the full 1.3 PDF rulebook?

Where is the chapter 1 surveys, and how do I submit surveys?

Where are the Skills Character Generation Rules?

When rules contradict common sense

When Did Your Character "Feel" Useless During the Playtest

When Did Your Character "Feel" Awesome During the Playtest

When did you respond the general surveys? Or when will you? When should I respond?

What’s your favorite change from Pathfinder?

What's the selling point?

What's the schtick of wizards in the new edition?

What's the point of Bardic Lore?

What's the difference between arcane and occult?

What we expected vs what we got

What UTEML progression are you using now, at this time?

What the heck is this? (Why in the 9 Hells did they put politics in the game?)

What Pregens are available for the Iconics?

What PF2E Needs to be Viable

What makes the game more fun?

What is there to look forward to at Higher levels in 2e?

What is the Hardness of Armors?

What Is The Goal Of This Game?

What is the damage die for alchemist's fire?

What is the best LFG for a playtest?

What is the "tight-math paradigm"?

What is special in Pathfinder 2e?

What is MAP.

What is considered casting for purposes of attacks of opportunity?

What is an ally in PF2?

What I'm Looking For in 2e

What I would do about resonance

What I LIKE about the Playtest

What I Do and Don't like about Second Edition

What happened to Deconstructing Doomsday Dawn, Ch 3

What happened to Chelaxians?

What does charisma do?

What does "New Edition" mean to you?

What do you think of the new GM and players prescripted behaviour?

What do we want Martial characters to be capable of?

What do Rituals add to the game?

What characters do you want to play?

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