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Call for Feedback: The Index

Last Day for Surveys!

READ BEFORE YOU POST: How to make sure your voice is heard by Paizo

Post Gen Con Update

What do Rituals add to the game?

Class Feats are my group's biggest problem with PF2e

PSA: You're Probably Doing the Critical Rules wrong (I was!)

New Pathfinder 2nd edition podcast

Screen-reader Rulebook and black-and-white character sheet downloads now available!

Future Kinectist

PFS2 - Bargain hunter feat

Succubus In Another Grapple

New Treasure Management Tool

Paralyzed condition

Drawing Dual Weapons

Kingmaker in 2nd Edition: Conversion!

Questions on character builds

A Tale Of Dice Livestream

Update 1.6 ... Where is it now?

Some Art

Where's the Bestiary?

do skills stack

Rulebook Feedback

Well, that was fast

Black Plains: Concept for one-book adventure (WARNING: VERY LONG)

Update 1.6 - Channeling

Pathfinder White Haired Witch Redone Balanced?

Fighter / Ranger can attack seven times per turn. Should it be nerfed?

Beast Totem Barbarian Question

What the heck is this? (Why in the 9 Hells did they put politics in the game?)

Praticing a trade untrained...

2 Part - Necromancer / Expulsionist

The DICE WILL ROLL Podcast plays: Kingmaker in 2e!

List of Implemented Changes?

Flails are a Let Down

Hard Drinking, Alchemical Addicts, and Anarchistic Bombs

My initial issues with Resonance

2E's First AP

Any word on Ease of Play?

Meaningful customization

Summoner's Idol & Eidolons?

Making a Railway on Golarion (Scenario)

New Second Edition Forum Is Live!

PF2 Launch Slate Announced!

Wild Speculation About Preview Topics and Schedule

Idea for a society character - feedback wanted

Magical items and economics

Move or Be Flat-footed

some information

Spellcasters Underwhelming ?

A couple observations to consider for next edition

Pathfinder 2E and Starfinder

Character case study: converting a concept from PF to PF2

Is it helpful for us to point out errors in the text at this stage?

Paizo Blog: Ancestry and Class Surveys

Horror in 2E

New roleplayer and Pathfinder 2 question.

Custom Monster Table (for homebrewing and converting)

Could the Gods use an update?

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

What UTEML progression are you using now, at this time?

Treasure tables - Potences ?

Rogues do insane damage !

Spell Eating Wizard

Armor Proficiency Rules are Missing and Weapon Proficiency is Locked Down

Combat Reflexes query

Rarity, DCs, Regional Languages and the Post-Playtest Apocalypse

Remember those 4 magical essences? They came up today.

Houseruled Playtest v1.7

Ideas for Ranger Spell Powers / Focus Spells

Did you use shields in the playtest? What did you think of them?

Bards and two-handed instruments

General Rules

The jankiness of exploration (and social) tactics revisited

Android alternative racial traits

Organized Play and a living world

A discussion of powers / focus spells

Ranger discussion spillover from Know Direction thread...

Can we get blogs from the designers about design intent?

1.6 Update about Shields: what does it mean?

The secret ingredient nobody is talking about

PF1 Classes that would make good PF2 archetypes.

Three playtest innovations I will swipe for my home games

My personal, belated thoughts on 2nd edition playtest

Bat Guano Thread

Multi-class Paladin ?

5 Rules or Interactions that I feel need to be changed or clarified in the final product

Jason on Know Direction (Jan 16th)

Heritages and Racial Variants

Current state of the Cleric

Current Tier list

PETITION: Help Change Badly Named Weapons!

Can we take a page out of 5e's book in how to give prestidigitation to non-arcane casters?

1.6 Alchemist Formulas, are they automatically leveled up?

One guy’s optimistic take on PF2

Paladin reactions

An alternative to Armor Check Penalty

improvements to Pathfinder Pawn boxes for 2E?

Im a newer gm and need to know if I should ban kineticist

Non Lethal Damage.

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