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My group's having a blast with the #PathfinderPlaytest so far. I am combing through the rules to make our next session smoother. I have a criticism. I wanted to know more about the basic actions that have "Concentrate" as a tag, and it's defined recursively.

The Concentrate tag is defined:

"It takes a degree of mental concentration and discipline to use this type of action."

As a GM, when I'm looking these tags up, it's generally to give a ruling or to see if anything mechanical is happening because of the tag. In this case, I wanted to know what changes about the Seek action because of the concentrate tag.

Even after looking the tag up in the glossary, I'm not sure what the game wants me to know about the Seek action as a result of it having the concentrate tag.

I think this is mostly future proofing. Right now the barbarian rage says you cannot do anything with the concentrate tag while raging unless it has the rage tag (Seek actually gains the rage tag for barbarians) other than that i don't think it has any specific uses that I am aware of but defining it now makes it easier to reference in the future.

If you're facing a Disruptive enemy (four high level ones exist in the Bestiary) a Concentrate action would trigger an Attack of Opportunity. Do not Seek while next to one of them. There may eventually be other effects that interact with it.

It's both a strength and weakness of the trait tagging system. On one hand, you can have later rules interact with the a trait without having to issue erratas for the core rulebook. On the other hand, it's really hard to tell what rules elements each trait interacts with, since there's no fully cross-referenced list.

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I personally think any action with the "Concentrate" tag should be able to be interrupted if you take damage greater than your level (not just spells)

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